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Lamborghini Poop Prank GOES WRONG – #FAILOFTHEDAY

We all love a good prank, these guys also seem too. Pranking a Lamborghini owner might not be the smartest idea these two had today. Watch the video and find out why.
Watch this video here —->

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The Worlds First Lego Car

A Lego car… My childhood dream has just become a reality!
2 guys in Australia built a car made of Lego, that drives, has an engine made from Lego which runs on air. (wheels and some load bearing elements are non-Lego)

It is the brainchild of Melbourne entrepreneur and marketing guy Steve Sammartino and Raul Oaida, a 20-year-old self-taught technology genius from Romania who Steve met on the internet and this is what they have produced!

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Drifting Fail COMPILATION 2014

We all love the sport of Drifting, but things can often go wrong. Here are some Drift Fail and crash compilations of 2014 so far.
Buckle up people, its dangerous out there.

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Modified Audi RS6 on Steroids – HMS German Tuning

This is a Modified Audi RS6 on Steroids – HMS Tuning in German have put out 485kw on their dyno.
Watch the video with your volume up… you want to hear this!
HMS Performance Audi RS6 C7 Stage 2 485 kW/660 PS 825NM

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Learn To Drift in Cape Town

Stunt and Rally is a Cape Town Based company that specializes in showing YOU a good time behind the wheel of OUR stunt cars.

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5 Sexy Cars You Wish You Could Rent

If you thought rentals were limited to generic vehicles that are designed just to get from A to B, think again. Luxury cars have become the choice of transport not just for celebrities visiting South Africa, but also for those who appreciate the finer things in life.
Whether it’s for a carefully planned weekend road trip, an important occasion where first impressions count, or even just for a day of joyrides in one of the world’s hottest road monsters, these cars show that renting for a day or two is almost …

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DIY – Building A-Pillar Tweeter Pods

It’s been a while since my last DIY so I’ve decided to build some a-pillar tweeter pods for my Kicker tweeters.

1. My first step was to get the correct angle. The set of tweeters that I’ve bought came with various fittings making the building process a bit easier.

2. I stuck the fittings to the pillars using hot glue. After the glue has dried I made sure that the angle on both mounts was exactly the same.

3. I proceeded to mix up some body filler and started spreading it all around …

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First impressions of the Suzuki Kizashi 2013

Suzuki’s Kizashi is their first foray into the highly competitive family saloon class. Not that you would know it to looking at, or driving the car itself. It is only with a glance at the options sheet that one of the main limitations is revealed. There is only one choice of engine.
That is not to say the chosen power plant, a 2.4 litre four-cylinder unit, is not a good one. It is just an example of how a smaller development budget makes the direct comparison with rival machines is more …

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ATL Toyz vs MK1-shoot

This must be one of the craziest photo shoots ever! Over the weekend myself, Shahiem Bell of TPDZ, Shiraz Williams of SSJ Concepts, and the boys from SnapDat, Jade Namaqua-daisy Rhode and Emile Simons, decided to pay a visit to sandy hills of Atlantis on the West Coast. We’ve been planning this “ATL Toyz vs MK1” shoot for a while now and when our man Granville Syme gave the thumbs up we went in full force. On arrival we were greeted by, well, I think the whole of ATL, and …

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Saldanha Top End Drag Event – Coverage

With the much talked about and awaited Saldanha 800m Drags done and dusted, all that’s left is the dusty memories, another one with record breaking books. On arrival the Friday eve, I was greeted by a queue of thirsty petrol heads that rocked up to witness the 130 cars and bikes that shred some tire on the airstrip the next day. Over 10 000 people made their way through the gates. The event kicked off at 10 the morning of 1st December with a quick driver briefing by Lawton, followed …

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Saldanha 800m Top end Drags

It’s almost time to hit the road to Saldanha on the West Coast. The much talked about 800m Top end Drags racing will be taking place at the Saldanha Airfield, 1st December 2012, brought to you by West Coast Racing. Gates open on Friday, 30 November at 6 pm, overnight most welcome. Entry fee is R50pp and R5 for your ride. Come join the build up. Racing to start at 10 am on Saturday morning, 1st December so come early to avoid dissapointment.

For more info, contact Lawton @ 0845636897 / …