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4 Pot NA Mashup – NA engine wars

18 October 2011 15 Comments

Possibly the most used engines when it comes to 2L NA power (majority 16 valve). And we couldn’t give it to you without the ride option. What you think?

We start with Nissan and its SR20VE Neo VVL

It produces 139 kW@7000 rpm and 196 Nm @6000 rpm and later 150 kW@7200 rpm and 206 nm @5200 rpm, add a few bolt-on components, who know where you would end up.

Newspec Nissan Sentra 200sti


SR20VE Neo VVL tuned



From the Toyota stable we have two options, the 2ZZ – GE producing 141kW and 181Nm

Toyota RunX Rsi

Modified version of the 2ZZ – GE Toyota engine

Second option would be the 3SGE which had a powerband between 103kW all the way up to 156kW and Torque between 175Nm and 220Nm, very healthy!

It’s a bit different, but hows about dropping it into this


Beams 3SGE Tuned



From the Honda Fraternity we get the B20Z, which is the B20b Honda motor which receives the Cylinder head of the B16A (Vtec) which are generally fitted into either the ef9, eg6 or ek9 Honda body. When tuned, claims of between 140 – 170kW+ depending on budget.
Eg6 B20Z

Ek9 B20Z

Ef9 B20Z Tuned



VW Golf 2L 16V ABF standard produces 110kW and 180Nm of Torque

Oldschool Eurospec Mk1 Golf, complete package when fitted with the ABF

The ABF Tuned with Throttles



Here’s one we threw in as the M division option, the M44. It hasn’t really being used for tuning purposes in South Africa besides forced induction applications.
Power figures are 103kW and 180Nm of Torque. With some Rands spent it should be a contender (S14 style).

BMW S14 (e30 M3, ranged from 147kW to 177kw, but ok, it was a 2.5L



And last but most certainly not the least, the oldest of the lot now at the extra matured age of 24 years old……The C20XE!
Developed between 110 kW – 125kW (Superboss, South Africa only) 196Nm Torque

Opel Kadett Superboss 16v

The Opel C20XE Tuned

And for a trip down memory lane, drive with Mike Briggs as he takes on the mighty 325iS

Video link:


What’s your favourite and what figures have you heard?

{Thanks Phil}

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  • Blair said:

    Awesome line up of engines Phil. However i think the B20Z takes the Cake.


    Allistaire Reply:

    However, the K20 engine should of been listed as well


    Phil Reply:

    True, but a bit costly no? The motors above are more the chosen option for the masses.

    But I’ve heard rumours about some crazy n/a powered FN2′s around the country!!!


    Tariq Reply:

    The naturally aspirated engines you are talking about here Phil, what do they generally go for and are they on a second hand basis?
    Also these cars would need to have an external management installed or can they use the standard ECU?


  • Phil said:

    Hey Tariq,

    The motors listed vary in cost, purely depends on the brand you choose. I’d say 99% of them are used motors. I would suggest researching cost by various used engine and gearbox importers. If you lucky to pick up the loom with it, the standard ECU can be used and you will be able to run the motor in stock form, but generally fitting a stand alone management would be the route to go as the motor probably won’t stay standard for long.

    Which brand are you interested in, might be able to give you a ballpark figure?


    Tariq Reply:

    is it, the reason i ask is that i have a 1.4i corsa lite and the motor is on the way out. a buddy of mine put in a super boss motor his car is very quick. I want to do the same to my opel but dont know where to begin. I do know that the ECU wont fit the superboss engine i want so my buddy said i should get a Gotech unit. What do you think?
    I have even heard of using the ecotec motor in the opel corsa’s but the 16v superboss is much better. What do they got for brand new?



    Blair Reply:

    tariq ,Phil is actually very much into his Opels as well, he had a very fast Opel Corsa with an engine from a calibra (Opel C20XE) once apon a time. So if anybody can advice you i would say old Phil could! Plus it is his blog ;)


    Phil Reply:

    Well Blair, I wouldn’t really say very much into Opels, but definitely more into cars with decent power or the right package.


    Phil Reply:

    There are a few factors involved. A C20xe(CD16v and Superboss engine) will set you back anything between R10 – R17k for the motor only, Then I found that the F20 box gave me the perfect gear ratio, I was fortunate enough to purchase a smashed Opel Calibra at a steal, so I transplanted everything over from their. Motor, box, driveshafts, brakes, ECU and loom. When you purchase separate, it does become pricey. Without loom, any reputable engine management brand would do, they all have the same function with maybe one or two extra capabilities. I have heard of guys using the x20xe (EcoTec 2.0) and making some decent power, but yeah you right, C20xe is a much better and stronger motor.

    Mail your email address to Blair, and I will send you the entire build breakdown. Unfortunately none of these motors are in production anymore, so used will be the only way.


    yasfeer Reply:

    Hi phil my name is yasfeer from durban I own a 07 chev aveo and I want to fit in the superboss engine can you please advice me if I can fit that engine in without any mods but if I do need to modify what will it be, one more thing will the aveo gearbox fit that engine my email is ykhan8805@gmail.com thanks.


  • Jjeatspie said:

    You forgot the Cossy engines and the ST170 :P


  • Muppets said:

    You also forgot to mention the Mitsu 4B11 engine it produces 114 kW NA and just needs a bolt on turbo to transform it into an Evolution motor


  • Shaun said:

    Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wanted to
    say that I’ve truly enjoyed surfing around your blog posts. In any case I will be subscribing to your rss feed and I hope you write again soon!


  • steven said:

    Which would be best to drop in a corrola rxi. 2zz or 3s and price wise?


  • NadZz said:

    I g0T a opeL kadett 160i cub..normallycubz ar carbz ..but this is fuel injected ….with a dictator ..it makes 76 kw on the rollers ….. I want 2 what wiL be best in gain power n kwz quicker and easier ….should I tune my current engine (1.6i) …or fit another engine … What do you recommend …it shouLd be afordable too


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