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One of South Africas youngest Drifter – Jason Webb

26 May 2011 No Comment

Drifting in South Africa is growing at a amazing rate and just like any other form of motorsport you want to start from a young age that is exactly what this teenager is doing. This week we managed to catch up with one of South Africa’s youngest professional drifters, Jason Webb.

AM: Howzit Jason, thanks for putting some time aside to do this interview with us. Can you quickly tell us what age you started getting involved in Motorsport?
Webb: I think it was from the day I was born my dad took me straight from the hospital to the track.

AM: I believe you have a bit of Karting experience behind you, how does karting compare to drifting?
Webb: In karting if you get just a bit of over steer, then you loose time, but drifting you need a ton of over steer.

AM: You lived in Cape Town for quite sometime, at what age did you move up to “the big hole” of South Africa?
Webb: I was 16. Just a mere 10 months ago.

AM: How did you get involved in drifting?
Webb: My father is currently the chief mechanic for Monstermob Racing and had a discussion with Otto about him wanting to train up a young driver. Not long after that my dad suggested me and Otto agreed to start training with me. I moved down from Cape Town almost immediately and from then on it was practice every week-end.

AM: How long roughly have you been drifting with the Monstermob team and how did it all happen?
Webb: I have been drifting for 10 months now; Otto was looking for someone young to train up, so I fell into his pocket.

AM: Could you explain the name behind you previous Nissan 200Sx S13 im sure it’s an interesting one?
Webb: Hahaha “Krummels” we called her, it had so many dents and dings. It was a crumbs car.

AM: Your new toy is a very desirable Nissan Skyline GTR R33, could you tell us what’s so special about this car and briefly the specs?
Webb: It’s so special because it was built by Monstermob. I am driving the Monstermob R33 Nissan Skyline GTR (Black), It has a RB26 engine and that’s probably all that’s standard in the car as everything else is customized by the MMR Crew.

AM: How long have you been mentoring Otto for and do you think it has payed of so far?
Webb: Otto has been my mentor for 10 months now, and it has definitely paid off.

AM: What was it like to be trained by SA’s top drifter?
Webb: I think at the time I had little idea about who I was dealing with, only later on did it occur to me that I was tandeming alongside SA’s top drifter. The training was intense, the sessions gruelling but in the end it paid off. In this sport you simply continue to grow and never stop learning.

AM: I believe you are still Studying, may I ask what you are studying and how does the drifting affect your studies?
Webb: I am studying fitting and turning. Luckily we drift on weekends, but my lecturers do understand the demanding schedule we have “Laughs”.

AM: Being 17 you must surely be very proud of your achievements in the South African Drift community are you the youngest professional drift in SA and how do the other drifters respond to being beaten by a younger generation drifter?
Webb: I am at the moment.  Some accept it, some don’t, some wish… Kidding, the guys are very supportive, it’s all good.

AM: Just to enlighten to those that do not know your drifting history could you quickly tell us about your drifting achievements?
Webb: After training for 6 months they decided to put me into my first race. My debut race started well by qualifying second and getting to the finals with Otto Graven, after doing a one-more-time the judges gave the win to Otto and I took second place. Up till now im currently third in the championship behind Otto and Ronnie (team mates)

AM: You must have been stoked to qualify second under your mentor and finish second overall at your debut in the first round of the SUPA Drift Series?
Webb: Well yes, but I have to thank Otto who was by my side throughout. It was a great feeling, and when it came down to the finals, I was back in Kimberley training with Otto – we just had fun, it’s second nature to me now, tandeming with the Boss…

AM: I noticed that your Facebook name has Ayrton Senna’s name in the middle of it, whats that all about?
Webb: Ayrton Senna was my father’s hero, and he decided to name me after him.

AM: I believe you have a bit of a nickname, tell us about that.
Webb: Lurch. Bianca named me Lurch because I always used to jump into corners

AM: Favourite Movie?
Webb: Step up or The Hangover

AM: Favourite Energy Drink.
Webb: Red Bull

AM: Food you love to eat but hate to cook?
Webb: Pasta

AM: People have been asking me lately what I think is the ugliest car on our SA roads, Jason what would you say is the ugliest/worst design?
Webb: Fiat Multipla

AM: If you had a special super hero ability, what would it be and why?
Webb: Invisibility; so I can travel the world for free, and play with peoples minds.

AM: When you get your 1st “road legal” car while it be RWD or FWD?
Webb: Rear wheel drive of course

AM: I noticed you like playing Forza, I personally am a Gran Turismo fan, can you tell me what’s so appealing about this game?
Webb: It is very realistic and you can learn a lot about the race tracks around the world. I do have a new favourite, Need for Speed Shift 2 Unleashed.

AM: Getting back onto the drifting scene, where do you see yourself in the future?
Webb: Competing in America in the Formula Drift Series.

AM: Do you prefer high speed entry or a more technical drift session?
Webb: High speed

AM: If you could offer the younger drivers out there some advice, what would it be?
Webb: Focus on what is in front of you, and have alot of commitment, without these you probably won’t make it. It will mean sacrifice, so no malls or clubs and stuff like that.

AM: Do you do follow any drifting website and if so which ones are your favourite?
Webb: Formula Drift, Monstermob, Speed Hunters and Wrecked Magazine

AM: Is there anybody you would like to thank for your drift venture so far?
Webb: Otto Graven, Wayne “Speedy” Webb and the Monstermob crew.

AM: Thanks again Jason for doing the interview, Im sure the AM readers will be keeping a closer eye on your progress through the coming year, good luck with your next event and I hope you keep inspiring younger drifters the way you do.
Webb: Thanks Blair, and thanks to the fans for the support!

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