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AM interviews the “Queen of Speed” Annie Silva

6 August 2012 No Comment

Last week we managed to catch up with non other than Speed and Sound’s Annie Silva and bombarded her with the usual petrol head questions for your reading pleasure. Hope you all enjoy it as much as we enjoyed getting to know this fun loving petrol head.

AM: Firstly, thank you for giving us your time today. Before we get stuck into the typical petrol head questions, tell us a bit about yourself for those of us that don’t know you.
Annie Silva is a passionate petrol head much like the peeps that enjoy our publication. I am a very head strong individual that believes in ethical moral values. Monday to Friday 8 to 5 you will get a business bitch and weekend the down to earth fun loving life Annie.

AM: Describe a “Normal” day in the shoes of Annie Silva?
Annie: Get my ladies ready for school and then CAFFIENE time. Get to work thru JHB traffic and then start my day with a shitty MONDAY , hate MONDAY.
And then the rest of the week is pretty boring paperwork related stuff, and just basic business running.

AM: Tea and a biscuit or coffee and a smoke?
Annie: Coffee and a biscuit.

AM: Tell us something not many people know about you?
Annie: I love having fun and enjoy life. I am really humbled by all the experiences and friends I ‘ve made over the years. And not everybody has seen my human side. Getting SNS off the ground has made me a tough cookie in a male driven environment.

AM: Grand Turismo or Forza?
Annie: Shoes and Speed.

AM: If there were 3 people you could have over for a couple of drinks who would they be?
Annie: Johnny Depp (obviously), Bono and Donald Trump.

AM: What inspires you?
Annie: My hubby Joel.

AM: What’s your most proud accomplishment to date?
Annie: My two healthy ladies (daughters) and the Speed and Sound brand.

AM: Annie, being female and in a predominately male industry/hobby could you offer some useful advice for guys on how to get their ladies to love cars as much as they do?
Annie: Who said males must have all the fun? There are quite a few ladies I’ve met and they all race their hubbie’s/boyfriend’s car. Men must allow the ladies to express themselves through their cars too.

AM: Do you obey road signs? Do you feel the need to use your lady powers if you get pulled over by the fuzz?
Annie: I try really hard to be a law-abiding citizen but I often get attacked by an inner speed demon. I hate being stopped by bacon but I think you tend to know when you’re in shit. I always chuck my purse on the passenger’s seat when they approach me.

AM: We are all guilty of flipping the odd hand signals out our car window, what’s your take on road rage?
Annie: I’m very bad! I even carry a baseball bat in the boot should the shit hit the fan.

AM: You are obviously very involved in the Modified car industry, but what got you involved in the drag racing scene?
Annie: My passion is racing. I don’t knit jerseys or bake cupcakes. I race, it’s my hobby and passion. And yes, it started on the street and progressed to the track.

AM: Who changes the wheels on Muffin Krusha for race day? Do you expect Joel to jump in and get all enthusiastic or, is he allowed to shout advice from the sidelines with a beer in hand?
Annie: Darryl and Joel are my pit bulls. They’re allowed to help a me out and shout out the odds and ends on how I should improve my times!

AM: The scariest moment while at the track?
Annie: A drag slick tube lost air during one of Schizo’s runs. Car lost control at ODI and luckily stopped short ahead of the returning competitors.

AM: Best quartmile time so far?
Annie: My black turbocharged VR6 named Schizo: 11.4

AM: What is your daily drive?
Annie: A Supercharged E90 BMW M3 named Abusiv…

AM: We notice you are quite the VW enthusiast. What is the attraction?
Annie: Needs no explanation damnit! Volkswagens rule the planet.

AM: Being a VW enthusiast, what do you think about the air-cooled versus water-cooled topic?
Annie: As long as the cars produce power to burn rubber and chow fuel!

AM: Paint us a picture of your garage.
Annie: It’s filled with 5 cars, painted white with black floors, adorned with numerous posters and memorabilia from the past.

AM: FWD, RWD or 4WD?
Annie: All but not a Subaru fan .

AM: NA or Turbo and why?
Annie: Have the best of both worlds. NA cars are fun at the coast, no need to worry about boost etc. Turbo car are fun on the reef!

AM: We posted a picture on our Facebook Fan page not so long ago of a Mk4 Supra VS and a Nissan Skyline R34, who do you reckon would cross the line 1st?
Annie: I am a bit of a Skyline lover.

AM: If you could give us a basic step by step for those who are looking to get into the modified car scene, where would you start?
Annie: You need the passion, and some spare cash lying around. Start off with a basic stage-1 setup, like an air filter, exhaust and a good tune.

AM: Let’s take a walk down Dreamer Avenue, if money was no object, what car would we see you rolling past in?
Annie: I am not a huge super car fan, but my inner diva would love to drive a Maserati Granturismo.

AM: If you were able to choose one super power, what would it be and why?
Annie: Agelessness. (Is there such a word?)

AM: Who would win in a drag race- Chuck Norris or Vernon Koekemoer?
Annie: Chuck!

AM: Where in the world is your favourite holiday destination?
Annie: Cape Town is my fav spot!

AM: Let’s get onto the topic of Speed and Sound. You have been running the magazine for some time now. Are you the founder of the publication and, how did get the magazine going?
Annie: Joel and I started the publication 11 years ago. It wasn’t a walk in the park either and we’re still continuing to put alot of effort into the brand. Owning a business is never easy but we’re lucky where we can enjoy our passion everyday.

AM: Could you please write a brief description about how a magazine comes to life every month?
Annie: We’re pretty flexible on the way we decide the next issue. Crew gets together in a monthly meeting after print to discuss the next issue and plan photo shoots or theme’ed issues. From there our creative team starts working and designing the next look and feel. We only have 3 weeks to compile a 200-odd pager – that alone is a lot of time and effort. We work on heavy deadline and stress levels always run high during the final week.

AM: This next question probably comes as no surprise. What do you look for in a feature car and does there have to be a certain amount of modifications in order for the car to qualify as a Speed and Sound Feature car?
Annie: We look for cars of interest, something we feel our readers have to see and read. Modifications to the vehicle are a given. Neat, tasteful and clean cars make for good reading.

AM: What do you look for when choosing a cover car for each issue?
Annie: Depend’s on the type of issues we’re pushing out. We randomly take a vote in the office to get our cover. But it’s usually the car with the most character.

AM: Speed and Sound has featured a good couple of cars over the years. Which one sticks out as the one you would want to own?
Annie: Each car is unique in its own special way. I really could not give a answer to this – let’s see: 11 years, 132 magazines,  give or take 8 features per magazine = that’s 1060 featured cars.

AM: Who makes the coffee in the office if Cynthia is MIA?
Annie: We have a lovely little coffee shop that we buy from. We’re all fussy coffee drinkers

Any exciting developments happening in the SnS offices we should keep an eye out for?
Annie: Global domination!

AM: What are the biggest trends going to be for 2013?
Annie: Its difficult to nail this answer down. Customising had always played a big part in our culture. Standing out from the crowd is what makes our industry so tasteful.

AM: What are your thoughts on drifting in SA?
Annie: It’s an exciting form of motorsport to watch, just like the new Spinning crazy. Drivers have mad skills.

Thanks for taking the time to do the interview with us Annie. We wish you all the best for the future and I think I speak for most of South Africa when I say keep up the awesome work!

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