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Angrrr Vw Bug – Forum Update

10 October 2011 No Comment

My leave has come to an end again. This time around, the amount of work I accomplished was pathetic. Its amazing how a seat cover can get in the way of a hobby (I suppose she is a hobby too…)

I started by removing my deep sump and replacing it with a larger unit. Now the engine swallows a full 5 liter oil can without the oil even reaching the dipstick. Total oil capacity is about 6.5 liters now, up from the original 2.5 liters.

I then went about making up a “pre-lube” pump setup for the car. Basically this is an external oil pump which I can hook up to pump oil around the engine without having to swing the engine over on the starter. I wont go into details of what I used and how I did it, but this took up a lot of time with back and forth driving trying to get all the parts needed – finding the parts wasnt difficult, finding the correct parts was another story all in its own.
My reasoning behind this is simple. Each time I come home and when I am ready to start the beetle, I have to remove the pushrods and the sparkplugs – I then swing the engine over on the starter motor until I have oil pressure. Then I swing it over a bit more just so I can get oil to everywhere. I then have to install the spark plugs and pushrods, and then adjust the valve clearances. Adjusting valve clearances on an engine with high ratio rockers is a little time consuming and frustrating. Then I have to recharge the battery overnight and then I can start the car. This is time consuming and stressful – a job I am gatvol of.
So now, I just hook up my pre-lube pump and press “GO”. After about 20 seconds I have oil pressure. I then run it a little longer just for good measure. Then disconnect the pump and start the engine. The whole process now takes less than 10 min instead of a few hours. So I think the time spent getting it right is well worth it.

From there I modified my CSP aluminium valve covers to fit.
For those of you who care – CSP valve covers do not fit the CB 044 heads as I discovered a few years ago. You might be able to spot them on the earlier pictures.

I have also installed my new cylinder head temp gauges. I still need to neaten up the install as I only had time to install the pyrometers, install the gauges and run the wiring into the car to check if they work. I need to neaten up the wiring and protect it from damage – but that will only take a few hours to do properly.

And that was all I had time for. Buying a new house, falling off my mountain bike and injuring my shoulder and staying 60km away from the beetle has taken up the rest of my time – and my holiday was 2 weeks shorter than planned as I have been called back early.

Hopefully when I get back in January I will have a new house to move into with a garage large enough to actually work in. Working in a 12m2 garage (with 4 cupboards and a workbench) in a block of flats has lost its novelty.

And the worst thing…. I finally got the car ready to run but the battery was flat. So I put it on charge overnight and first thing the next morning I went mountain biking and took a tumble tearing the ligaments around my left collar bone. So all I could do to the car after that was remove the battery charger – no test drive… alas – next time.

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Tony Z

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