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AutoModifed Team interview – Barend

1 November 2009 No Comment

AM: What is your name?
Barend: Barend “yours truly” Craven but please don’t call me “yours truly” if you are a bloke.

AM: Food topics are bland, but they are always popping up in bloody interviews so let’s get this one done with. What’s your favourite food?
Barend: A good old fashioned burger, the kind only found at a roadhouse!

AM: What is your occupation apart from being part of the AutoModified team?
Barend: I do construction

AM: This question probably sounds like something you would be asked at a dating show but I’m sure some ladies out there would like to know, lol.. Married/Single/Attached?
Barend: Single

AM: Where about did you grow up in South Africa and where are you based at the moment?
Barend: I grew up in Nottingham Road and am now in Pretoria

AM: Have you ever been out of South Africa, if so where too?
Barend: Been to England, France, Scotland, Japan, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Bahrain

AM: So what was the first car you drove and then what was the first car you owned?
Barend: First car I drove was a breadbus kombi with a gearshift longer than a normal Monday and the first car was the MK1 Jetta….. awesome car!

AM: Muscle car or Tuner or Classic?
Barend: Tuner all the way

AM: Turbo or N/A?
Barend: Never had a turbo but would prefer one

AM: We realize this is pretty much a typical car talk question so let’s tick this box while we are talking about it. What is your ultimate car and what helped you decide on that specific car?
Barend: Realistically the 2003 type s1 honda accord cos it just screams “mod me, mod me” even though standard issue already has the Mike Tyson of visual punch but I will always love a red Aston Martin V8 Vantage convertible.

AM: Racing, dragging or drifting?
Barend: Drift, drag then race

AM: Which better fits your style of car, Performance or Sound?
Barend: performance

AM: Bass or Clarity?
Barend: I have both but lean more to the bass side.

AM: What CD are you listening to at the moment?
Barend: I have a compilation on a flash stick but am doing the 80’s thing and loving it!

AM: Any future plans running through your mind for your car?
Barend: Work on the sound appearance and considering an engine swap to a supercharged on or keeping the same, getting it modded for a turbo, not sure yet. Oh and any sponsors for the entire Ferrari Enzo 360 kit that is available for an MR2 would be welcome!

AM: What’s going to be the next car you buy?
Barend: The original shape Mini and do a complete rebuild

AM: Keeping on topic here, what’s your favorite brand of vehicle?
Barend: All over the show like a bad rash one can only get from wearing leather trousers on a midsummer day in Morocco here on this question. Ford is up there with its new Fiesta, Mitsubishi with the EVO, etc but all round I’m gonna bat for a Audi, the directions they have been taking in style and performance is just unbelievable!

AM: Like any car enthusiast one would assume you have done some sort of modification to your vehicle, what is it and why?
Barend: I had to have a set of springs made as it was dropped too much onto a set of very styling 17 inch TSW’s and the sound. Exhaust is split into 2 tailpipes which just suit it sooo much more than the little straw sticking out the back! (lookes like a little snorkel)

AM: Lets step away from cars for a little bit and step into the entertainment arena. What’s the worst joke you have heard recently and what was it?
Barend: What do you call a woodpecker without a beak…. A headbanger!

AM: If you could have one super power what would it be and why?
Barend: The Jedi Force because a) I would then be a Jedi Knight and chicks do dig that and b) I could Jedi Force taxis off the road! (a mind trick or two would be really handy with the boss!)

AM: Favorite movie of all time?
Barend: Constantine

AM: Name three things not many people know about you?
Barend: I have a thing for bags (not handbags),  I always wanted to be a pilot and I cannot stand people eating anywhere near me.

AM: What do you do most weekends?
Barend: Do sound comps and visit folk.

AM: We all speed once in a while :D
So how many speeding fines have you clocked up and what’s the highest speed through a camera that you’ve been caught at?
Barend: I got busted doing 121 in a sixty zone. The guys wanted to arrest me as the max fine they could give was for R1500 and for doing 100 so I offered to turn around and go through again at 80 so they could give me a fine instead of arresting me… he was’nt really into that idea. He then asked where I was off to and I told him I was on the way to an AA meeting and he wanted to join me! Anyway, I got off scott free! True story!

That brings us to the end of the AutoModified Team interview, but by all means if you have any questions that you would like to ask us, please leave a comment and the team member will hopefully answer it.

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