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AutoModifed Team interview – Blair H

30 August 2009 6 Comments

AM: What is your name?
BlairH: Blair Halkett

AM: Food topics are bland, but they are always popping up in bloody interviews so let’s get this one done with. What’s your favourite food?
BlairH: Well it’s a toss up between lasagna and a lekka steak on a braai.

AM: What is your occupation apart from being part of the AutoModified team?
BlairH: I work for a vehicle signage company and part-time web developer.

AM: This question probably sounds like something you would be asked at a dating show but I’m sure some ladies out there would like to know, lol.. Married/Single/Attached?
BlairH: Extremely attached to a beautiful lady

AM: Where about did you grow up in South Africa and where are you based at the moment?
BlairH: I was born in Cape Town, and live there for most of my life, but we moved to pretoria

AM: Have you ever been out of South Africa, if so where too?
BlairH: Yes, we lived in Wales and London for 8 months, rather interesting bunch of people we met.

AM: So what was the first car you drove and then what was the first car you owned?
BlairH: 1st car I drove was a Vw beetle,lol quiet a few stories behind that one. My first car was a Fiat Uno and Im pretty sure they stole the car purely for the sound system :(

AM: Muscle car or Tuner or Classic?
BlairH: Depends on the circumstances really, but id have to say tuner. Subaru baby!!

AM: Turbo or N/A?
BlairH: Turbo!

AM: We realize this is pretty much a typical car talk question so let’s tick this box while we are talking about it. What is your ultimate car and what helped you decide on that specific car?
BlairH: Pagani Zonde Roadster. You cant beat an Italian super car and apart from performance these beauties scream sex appeal.

AM: Racing, dragging or drifting?
BlairH: In order, racing then drifting….

AM: Which better fits your style of car, Performance or Sound?
BlairH: Definitely performance orientated.

AM: Bass or Clarity?
BlairH: If my car had to have a sound system it would probably be geared towards clarity!

AM: What CD are you listening to at the moment?
BlairH: Well my car doesn’t have a CD player, but on my laptop my playlist is mostly Hip Hop and Electro.

AM: Any future plans running through your mind for your car?
BlairH: Loads, goal for next year is to race GTi challenge, but that’s been a goal for a while now, we will just have to wait and see!

AM: What’s going to be the next car you buy?
BlairH: Im inlove with the Subaru STI range, and I really want the 2002 Bug eye scoobi. Im Just waiting for my circumstances to change a little before we go shopping for her.

AM: Keeping on topic here, what’s your favorite brand of vehicle?
BlairH: It’s a close one between Volkswagen and the Japanese engineered Subaru.

AM: Like any car enthusiast one would assume you have done some sort of modification to your vehicle, what is it and why?
BlairH: Quiet a few things have been done to my Golf, most recent is the 2L conversion that myself and a friend did. Why.. lol, for more power I suppose.

AM:When did you start working for AutoModified and how has your experience been so far?
BlairH: hmm, how does one answer this? Well Automodified was started by Chris and myself at the beginning 2010 as an interest of modified cars really. The response so far has been incredible and we hope it stays this way. One thing I do know is that with the addition of Joe things have definitely become a whole bunch more exciting.

While we are on the topic of the website, how did you get involved with AutoModified?
BlairH: I think the previous question answered this one :p

AM: Lets step away from cars for a little bit and step into the entertainment arena. What’s the worst joke you have heard recently and what was it?
BlairH: lol, I heard this one on the radio the other day, its more cheesy than funny though.
This guys telling his old man a joke about why did the chicken cross the road. So the old man replies the chicken crossed the road to get away from your $#%$ jokes.
Ok now reading it, it sounds a lot better actually.

If you could have one super power what would it be and why?
BlairH: Ohh that’s an easy one, to create money.. You can only imagine the type of racing cars I would build and drif

AM: Favorite movie of all time?
BlairH: Saving Ryans privates.. (joke, HAHAH)

Name three things not many people know about you?
BlairH: Wow, giving away secrets here hey!
I’m quite the romantic ( at least I think so)
I cant really drive…..
I wanted to be a Dj when I was young

What do you do most weekends?
BlairH: Hang out with my friends, have a feeeewwww drinks and talk about cars and play paintball every now and then.

AM: We all speed once in a while :D
So how many speeding fines have you clocked up and what’s the highest speed through a camera that you’ve been caught at?
BlairH: Eish, hope no traffic wardens read this. Off the top of my head about 9 or so.
Clocked 114km in a 60 the other day… :(
Not such a lekka fine either!

That brings us to the end of the AutoModified Team interview, but by all means if you have any questions that you would like to ask us, please leave a comment and the team member will hopefully answer it.


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    what you laughing at Kif, LOL!!!!


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    nothing nothing !! lol nice awenser = AM: If you could have one super power what would it be and why?
    BlairH: Ohh that’s an easy one, to create money.. You can only imagine the type of racing cars I would build and drif





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