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Calvin from Dragon Customs

12 November 2010 3 Comments

So we have been looking to add a new face to the AutoModified’s writing team, a few names were thrown around and we decided to approach Calvin from Dragon Customs in Cape Town. One thing that we loved about Calvin, was that he like us has a dream and is perusing it,  and it seems as if he has come out on top.

We asked Calvin to but together a small introduction about himself and his business, well it seems to be a bit more than a “small intro”.

This is Calvin’s story!
Where to start?
I’ll start off by introducing my self. My name is Calvin Beekman, and I am the founder of DRAGON CUSTOMS (Dragon Custom Cars cc).

I’ll give you a little background of my self. I started driving at the age of 7, thanks to my father who rallied and raced Oval track thus making cars a big part of my life.

Once I moved to Cape Town I started racing cars at Killarney Race track.

I started off just like any petrol head out there, looking at the car magazines and watching car movies like Fast and the Furious which had the biggest impact on me and I realised I wanted a car that is FAST, LOUD and LOOKED GOOD!

I got my first road legal car during high school a Honda CRX with a stock 1.6 DOHC motor (D16A9 for all the Honda fans out there who know their motors).

It was a great start to for my passion, as I have always been a Honda Man.

The car was faded red with some dents and a cracked windscreen. My buddy asked me “what do you see in that old peace of junk?”

My reply was “POTENTIAL!”

I took a few photos and started working on the computer for a color scheme.

The end result was red with a black bonnet and custom interior.

The black bonnet started as a craze in Japan on the Honda Type-R.

After that one thing lead to another and now the car is Turbo charged.
So if you would like to see the car come visit us.

During all of this I did not know how to do most of the mods my self, so I like other people took the car to the “PRO’s” but what I realised is that, it usually became a run around and a let down!

This is when I decided enough with wasting money and time, Ill do it my self!
Funny how most people feel when they do it themselves it doesn’t work?

Well with me it was different; I wired up the gauges, the Dictator, built the turbo system and rebuild the motor along with making my own body kit, with the help of the right information and speaking to the right people.

It took A LOT of running around and that’s when I got the idea to create DRAGON CUSTOMS a ONE STOP car customizing workshop.

A dream turned into a reality as more and more people gave me the privilege to   work on their cars.

With the help of my team at DRAGON CUSTOMS we’ve put a stop to the run around for other people.

We cover everything in and out the book, priding our selves on excellent work and customer satisfaction at an affordable price.

Here is a list of some of the things we offer:

  • Exterior
  1. Body work

(Metal work, fiber glass kits, molds, carbon fiber, spray painting, scratch and dents)

  1. Wheels
  2. Suspension
  3. Motor

(Serves, performance parts and accessories)

  1. Exhaust
  2. Lighting
  3. Vinyl
  4. Vertical Doors
  5. Engine swaps
  6. Dyno tuning
  • Interior will cover the following sub categories
  1. Sound installations
  2. Video installations
  3. Central locking
  4. Automatic door openers
  5. Lighting
  6. Racing seats
  7. Recovering of upholstery
  8. Window tint
  9. Roll cages

If you are keen on any of the above or just have questions, pop us an email at dragoncustoms@ymail.com or contact me on 072 979 5617. You can also join our group on Face book and check out some of our work there.

We are situated near the Killarney race track, 3 Williams way Unit 2 Racing Park Killarney Gardens. We are currently busy with our website so keep an eye out for it.

Stay tuned for more of Calvins blogs, he will be sharing a few trade secrets every once in a while and offer tech advice too those of you that want try your own customising to your rides.


  • Kifazoid said:

    ya very good seen alot of work form these guys :) i would go to them if i lived there lol


  • Calvin said:

    Im looking forward to helping where I can. Thanks for the Into guys!


  • Rattles said:

    Welcome buddy and congrades with the premisis, I still think we can fit that RB26 into my Ballade :)


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