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[28 Jul 2011 | 5 Comments | ]
Remapping your ECU

Most makes and models of cars these days can be remapped, with Diesel and Turbo Diesel models giving the best performance increases, both in the Torque and KW. This gives the car much better response than the usual factory settings. Basically this mean that after the remap your car will perform much better than it originally did. This includes having more power and an increase in fuel efficiency.

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[27 Jul 2011 | 6 Comments | ]
Fire Fly – Ford Escort RS

Neville Varney’s orange little Ford Escort needs no introduction to the Cape Town “Car Show” scene. It went under many transformations to what it is today. He recently had some alterations done to his house by adding another room, all this for his “Show and Shine” trophy collection!

Being a panel- beater by trade, he always wanted to build a show car to advertise his business. When he received an invite from Zabby to showcase his work at one of the first “Streetmod Custom” shows, he decided to build what you …

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[26 Jul 2011 | One Comment | ]
NavCol Super Car Show – Event Coverage

The excitement and hype generated for the SA Naval College Super Car and Bike Show was worth the wait. Once again, Team Venom, in conjunction with Team Autopunks, unleashed some dangerous venom!!!! The wind was hectic in Gordons Bay, but that did not deter the petrol heads to come out and support this event. It was good to see some new “show and shine” contenders and it just shows how the sport is growing. DJ Ready D along with his wife, Anwar Daniels, Marlon, Zabby, Noer Asmodien and the D1S …

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[15 Jul 2011 | 7 Comments | ]
Is this Rendered or a Photograph?

I found this image on the internet this morning and cant figure out if the image has been photoshop’d or if the car actually looks like this. what do you guys think?

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[14 Jul 2011 | No Comment | ]
Random Image – Highly Modified Engine

WOW check this out, this motor looks like something out of a scary movie. If I’m not correct this is a V8 of the Chevrolet type, you can also see the huge chromed up turbos on each side of the heads. I would really have liked to give you guys the power figures but I wasn’t able to find such info on this little monster.

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[13 Jul 2011 | 16 Comments | ]
Lil Dragon – Custom Bantam Bakkie

The original Ford Bantam launched in 1983, was based on the Ford Escort Mk III then replaced by the Bantam 2, with a Mazda 323 6th generation-based Ford Laser front end, with it later being  baptised Mazda Rustler.
Our feature this month was conceived as a white Bantam 2 in 2003 with major reworkings deep in Rodney’s  cerebellum! Together with wife Melanie, their new baby was adorned with some aftermarket accessories. “Show and Shine “events became their new playground. In 2006 it was decided a total makeover was necessary. I remembered speaking to Rodney about this project. …

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[13 Jul 2011 | 2 Comments | ]
Thanks guys – Mag Addiction‏

Being on holiday for 3 weeks gave me some time to do things on my ride. While I was busy with the speaker pods, I decided that it was time to do something about my wheels. I had them for almost 3 years now and it was time to either replace them or to refurbish. Since I love this wheel so much I decided to refurbish them. I was thinking of a colour change but decided to only high polish the 3 inch lips. I handed them over to Mag …

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[12 Jul 2011 | No Comment | ]
Sound download – Airplanes Remix

Ok guys, some of you might not be into this but some of you definitely will be. On Friday evening a mate sent me a link to one of the most amazing Drum and Bass Remixes of Airplanes with Eminem and Hayley Williams. Unfortunately I cant for the life of me remember the name of the guy that remixed the song but I do how ever have the song for download for those of you that want to drop the song in your car.
Do your self a favour and download …