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[27 Oct 2011 | One Comment | ]
Momo Drifting Wheel – Am online shop

Automodified provides the perfect interface for your street car. The deep dish Momo Drifting steering wheel is 330 mm in diameter, the wheel in an optimal position for the quick steering adjustments required in Drifting. The generous round grip maintain comfort while the dual markers provide quick reference guides.
The new Drifting wheel from MOMO has a competition look but in a finish that is easier to live with on a daily basis. The top grain leather used in the Drifting wheel is awesome quality. The deep, 90mm dish of the …

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[18 Oct 2011 | 15 Comments | ]
4 Pot NA Mashup – NA engine wars

Possibly the most used engines when it comes to 2L NA power (majority 16 valve). And we couldn’t give it to you without the ride option. What you think?

We start with Nissan and its SR20VE Neo VVL

It produces 139 kW@7000 rpm and 196 Nm @6000 rpm and later 150 kW@7200 rpm and 206 nm @5200 rpm, add a few bolt-on components, who know where you would end up.

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[13 Oct 2011 | No Comment | ]
VOC Show at Mag Addiction

A couple weeks back I attended the VOC show at Mag Addiction, most of the usual characters were there and some new faces too. I was judging the show n shine for most of the day and didn’t manage to take as many pictures as I normally do but here are some of what I could.
Caddylicious showing off his trophies from all the events he and his ride have won.
Its always nice to see a couple of the race cars making an appearance at the shows, here is Mr A’s  …

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[10 Aug 2011 | 3 Comments | ]
How to build a drift Car on a budget

So you want to get into the sport of Drifting, but dont know where to start. We have compiled a basic starting blog to help you get going. This is the first insert  of several in an article on how to start building up a drift machine..
Choosing a Car
Drift cars can come in all makes and models. Choosing the correct car to meet your budget is the first and most important set towards getting your ass into a drift car of your own.
View our previous blog about affordable drift cars …

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[8 Aug 2011 | No Comment | ]
Otto Gravens trip to Formula Drift 2011

For those of you that dont know Otto Graven is over in the USA taking part in the Forumla Drift Series, Team Monstermob shipped over Otto’s famous 350Z to take part in one of the worlds biggest Drifting events. This is a bit of a picture diary we have put together so you guys can follow a bit of Otto and his teams progress so far.
Whats an adventure to the US with out a bit of NASCAR?

Otto and Team making their way to one of the Formula Drift destinations. Take …

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[5 Aug 2011 | One Comment | ]
Carbon Fibre Engine blocks

Composite Castings in the US have developed a new lightweight, carbon fiber composite, four cylinder engine block. This engine block design was developed by Matti Holtzberg, president and founder of Composite Castings. The new block makes use of carbon fiber as the reinforcement for the base epoxy resin. The high performance compound is moulded into the finished engine block profile using Composite Castings proprietary moulding process that features low cost tooling and provides for faster cycle times compared to conventional moulding methods. The new engine blocks are apparently up to …

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[3 Aug 2011 | 10 Comments | ]
Improving your vehicles downforce

Being a bit of the track day enthusiast I am always looking for new ways to improve on my cars handling and performance. I’ve been doing quite a bit of research on down force and aerodynamics.

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[28 Jul 2011 | 5 Comments | ]
Remapping your ECU

Most makes and models of cars these days can be remapped, with Diesel and Turbo Diesel models giving the best performance increases, both in the Torque and KW. This gives the car much better response than the usual factory settings. Basically this mean that after the remap your car will perform much better than it originally did. This includes having more power and an increase in fuel efficiency.