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[15 May 2012 | One Comment | ]
Question Section – Drifting beginnings

Want to start drifting and buy a car, Yunus
AutoModified Reply: Yunus the best place would be to start with a car thats within your budget. The Bmw E30 325i, Nissan 200SX, Toyota Corolla (e70) something that has a rear wheel drive setup and that has a fair bit of power to light up the back wheels. The next step would be to weld the diff or to buy a Limited Slip Differential if you have the money. Get loads of seat time in your car, attend track days and see …

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[5 Apr 2012 | No Comment | ]
Question Section – Toyota power

Hi erm… Have a Toyota corolla 16 gl carb and really want to give it some speed n sound by the motor
AutoModified Reply: Thurswin, there are a number of things you can do to improve the power. Like i tell everybody the best place to start is with the exhaust, getting those exhaust gasses out quicker is always a good place to start. Side draughts personally would be my next modification followed by a nice 276 cam and a bit of head work. With those 3 things your car should …

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[20 Mar 2012 | 4 Comments | ]
Question Section – Mr2 engine modifications

I have a Toyota MR2 1998 model that i would like to upgrade its performance. It natural aspirated SW20. What can be done to achieve above 200kw?
AutoModified Reply: Well N/A application are generally a bit more expensive to squeeze out power over a Turbo charged application.
starting off with the normal performance upgrades would a start to reaching your power gain, so a full branch and exhausts system for starters. The I would work the head with Cams and get it ported and bigger valves.
If you could provide us with a …

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[15 Mar 2012 | One Comment | ]
Question Section – Exhaust wrap

Message: I am trying to find heat-resistant wrapping that can be wrapped around branch manifold exhausts outlets in order to keep the heat within the exhaust piping and to assist in keeping the engine bay cooler.
I’m also looking for stretchable hosing/piping that can wrap over the front of my cone filter and then over my original outlet for better air suction through the original ducts. Kevin
AutoModified Reply: Hi Kevin we sell Exhaust wrap,  ill send you over an email now. Regarding the other item, I’m not to sure what you …

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[5 Jul 2011 | 5 Comments | ]
Question Section – Audio Advice

I’am only getting 135.8 db with the 2 subs and I ran them on a 6000w XTC amp. I now installed a 6800w Monoblock 1 channel amp, how do I connect the subs to get the best out of them for sound shows, the guys with their Corsas and V dubs laugh at me whenever I enter for a sound competition. Do you have any suggestions, ideas to make it play better, louder, more bass, maybe going for 140db+ ??

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[9 Mar 2011 | 7 Comments | ]
Question Section – Corsa Accessories

Message: Hi guys i have a corsa light and would love to know what accessories i can get many thanks Jono
AutoModified Reply:
Howzit Jon0, all depends what you would like to do to your Opel Corsa, there are honestly a lot of Opel Corsa accessories out there these days.
You could start with the Corsa Angel eyes or even the tinted lights.

Jono this question isn’t as straight forward as I expected, we are not sure 100% if you mean styling accessories like lights and mirrors or if you are talking about complete …