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From a judge’s point of view

26 November 2010 One Comment

Admit it; your car is your “Pride and Joy”. If you have spent all your money or savings on your car to make it a showpiece, make sure that you PLEASE the JUDGES! It does not matter how much money you have spent on a body kit, wheels, interior, sound or even on the engine, it is about how it all fits together, “From a judge’s point of view”. Here are SOME tips to help you score that extra points at “Show and Shine” events!

The exterior:

This is the first thing that attracts people to your car. If you have fitted a body kit to your car, make sure that it suits the car and that it lines up properly. This is the first thing that judges look at when they start judging your car. They will close all the doors and check for dings and dents-the straightness of the body. Next will be the paintwork and this can be a pain in most cases. It does not matter how much money you have spent on the spray job. They will look for defects such as colour differences, teardrops, fish eyes, flat spots, etc. They will also check the roughness of the paint by running the back of their hands over the paintwork. In addition, clean the inside of your wheel arches, both front and back! They are keen to check for dirt and if the tyres are rubbing.

The wheels:

It does not matter the size or how much money you have spent on your mags. Wheels can make or break the look of any car! Make sure that they suit your car and, PLEASE, do not borrow someone else’s wheels. The judges WILL know! Here they will look for scratches as well as dirt or dust on the inside of the mags. Best is to take the wheels off and clean them on the inside. Custom wheels are always a plus!

The engine:

No oil leaks and water spill marks in this department! It does not matter the capacity your car’s engine, what matters is how clean the engine bay is. Believe me; I know what I am talking about! Things like colour coding of engine parts-sprayed and not PAINTED, induction kits, braided hoses, after market oil tanks, etc., all add up to extra points! Make sure it’s extra clean even if it is in stock form!

The interior:

If your seats are standard or recovered make sure it is clean. If you have fitted bucket seats, make sure that it is fitted properly. The car’s carpets and roof lining must also be clean! After market accessories are also a plus, such as sports steering wheel, door pins, etc. Colour coding of dashboard parts is also necessary. Fitting accessories made for other cars are also extra points. Just make sure that you mention it to the judges AND make sure that everything works!

The Sound (if you have any):

Custom build installs like fibre glassing, amp racks and false floors always adds that extra point! If you do not have money for a custom install, make sure that everything is fitted neatly. Hide all cables and secure the amps in a good way. Make sure that everything works! The judges always ask to switch on your system just to make sure that the sound equipment works and that it is yours.

How you display your car at events, also counts. In Cape Town, we are fond of doing this! Think of a theme, any theme to make your car stands out like a sore thumb!

Lastly, if you are not too happy with the outcome of your results, speak and ask the judges where you missed points and how you can better on it! This will also motivate you to do better at a next “Show and Shine”-event. Good luck to those who have entered Saturday’s “Show and Shine” – competition at Karl Bremer Hospital. AM will be there so don’t be surprise when you see your car in my next write-up!

God Bless!


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