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Heel and toe – Gearchange technique

6 July 2010 2 Comments

The heel and toe gearchange is an advanced driving technique which allows for smoother driving and braking. Smoother braking means you can brake harder and faster which ultimately results in faster lap times. Heel  and toeing is done so that consistent pressure can be applied to the brake pedal during downshifting.

Heel and toeing is done by keeping the top of your foot on the brake during a downshift and blipping the accelerator with the right side of the foot to bring up the engine RPM’s as the downshift is made.

Here is the order in which it should be done.
1. Move the right foot from the throttle to the brake pedal. Position your right foot as described above.
2. Apply pressure to the brake pedal.
3. Depress the clutch.
4.Move the shift lever to neutral.
5. With the ball of your right foot, depress the throttle pedal until the engine is rotating at the appropriate speed for the next lower gear. This is called a “blip” and should sound just like revving the engine. Remember that you are slowing the car for a corner. Keep on the brake.
6.Just at the peak of the throttle “blip”, select the next lower gear and release the clutch.

A good way to practice a heel and toe gearchange is to blip the throttle during a downshift to match the revs of the new gear without braking. Slowly, and as your skills improve, introduce braking into the mix.


  • jomacher said:

    Nice. I wouldn’t advise you to do this in traffic. It’s quite a difficult manouvre but becomes second nature with enough practice and experience.


  • Deon said:

    This is pretty much the same as matching revs?


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