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Henry Fords production story

4 November 2010 4 Comments

So Iv got a bit of a rather interesting story for you this time round. We all know Henry Ford correct?
Just in case you don’t, he was the founder of Ford Motor Company. The man introduced the production line to the factories and also revolutionised the way companies are run today i.e. Mass Production. This is how the story unfolds.
Henry Ford founded the Ford Motor Company on June 16, 1903, his cars were being sold left right and center. Unfortunately for his workers they would work Monday to Monday from 7am to 7pm. It was hard work all day long and all week long with no play. Quite a sad situation if you ask me. This was great for the Ford Company, but it had it’s down falls. Workers didn’t really give a damn about there workman ship and were very unhappy with working conditions. Over time this became an issue and Ford realised that he wasn’t selling all these cars as fast as newer cars were being produced. This wasn’t good for business. He then had to build a bigger yard just to house all the excess auto mobiles that weren’t being sold in time. This was costing the motor company alot of money. So Henry noticed that soon he would have a problem on his hands, so he sat down one day and came up with a concept. He turned a 7 day working week into a 6 day week and realised that it worked rather well to a certain degree. Workers were happy because they now had a day off work to relax and do as they wished. This was great for the Ford Company as workers would then come to work happy and they would produce cars more productively. But yet Henry Ford noticed that even with one days leave during the week, they still couldn’t sell the cars fast enough and over time the yards were filling up once again with auto mobiles. Henry sat back down and came to the conclusion that one day off wasn’t enough, so he then called a board meeting and knocked another day of the working week. Hence the 5 day working week we have today. Workers were thrilled and the production line had a balance for the 1st time ever. The production line was now producing the right amount of motor vehicles to keep up with demand of sales and at the same time the quality of vehicles had improved due to the workers having sufficient time off. This was now saving the company money and not to mention, cars were being built more reliable and the workers had time for family and friends. Weekends were now used to relax. This is the reason today we have the term “The eight hour day”,Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm. All thanks to one man and a motor vehicle.


  • Kifazoid said:

    thanx for the info intresting read keep them coming :)


    BlairH Reply:

    thanks bud, the way i was told it was even better… but yes very interesting indeed!


  • jomacher said:

    Today, we have machines working 7 days a week and people having the opportunity to take leave, and hour, in advance.


    BlairH Reply:

    So true, also thanks to motor vehicles :D


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