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Interview with Mudinie Hassim – Spinning enthusiast

7 July 2010 7 Comments

Howzit Mudz! Thanks for taking time to sit down and do an interview with us.

AM: So we hear that there is a spinning competition coming up very soon.
Are you taking part in it and if so what type of car will you be driving?

Mudz: Yes we are hosting our second league event on the 31st of July 2010-07-07 at the Monster Mob Raceway in Kimberley.
Well at this stage I am the guy organising everything.

I do spin yes!…Some of today’s guys did not even know what spinning meant back then.
Illegal drag racing was the most popular amongst the thrill seekers then, with the ultimate thrill after winning a race being a spin session at an intersection down the road.
LOL. Let me tell you, just being able to make a burn out was considered as heroic!!!
These days I am playing around in my mark 2 Ford Escort with a v6 motor installed, just to give me that extra punch!!!

AM: So Mudz, I’m from the beautiful city of Cape Town and I recently have found out that we
have a spinning team down here. There is a huge drift event coming up called Drift X Battle and there are going to be some spinners performing. Could you explain to us, in a nutshell, what spinning is all about and how the judges determine the winner?

Mudz: Three of the best spinners and drifters in my book hales from the mother city .These guys got huge open spaces to go crazy on.
With the events we host at Monster Mob, especially the Easter National Spin-off, we have succeeded in introducing a point system and competition format that brings the best spinners in South Africa together to do battle for top honers.
The spinners are asked to complete certain spinning manoeuvres within a certain time. Points get deducted for all the mistakes they make, like touching barriers or being to far from a target placed by the judges.
They get two or three heats to accumulate their points, and the competitor with the most points at the end of the day take the winning position.
The saying goes!!!….You get two kinds of spinners…one who goes where the car sends him!!!…and the one who sends the car where he wants it to go!!!
The later is the guys that claim the trophies.

AM: How long has the sport of spinning been going for in South Africa and how did it originate?
So now that we know how long spinning has been around for, when did you get involved and who introduced you to the art of being a spinner?

Mudz: Well, we could not even call it a sport until recently.
It was called non sanctioned events by some of the authorities that allowed us the use of public venues.
The very first legal spinning event was held at the Galeshewe open air arena in Kimberley some six years ago.
It became exposed through cellular clips and word of mouth, by one specific incident where a guy called Bhubetsi from Gauteng performed a manoeuvre called a “Get out stunt”. While the car is in a circular wheel spin, called a “doughnut”, the driver jams the throttle with a device called a “throttle jamming device” keeping the car in the rev limit and also locking the steering to maintain the doughnut move. While all this is happening he jumps out of the car, leaving it to spin without some one behind the steering wheel. Only after the crowd acknowledges this daring move with a frantic cheer, he then only gets back behind the wheel.
I was involved with an events company called Spin City back then, based in Kimberley and we got to organise these events all over the country.
MSA (Motor Sport South Africa) now finally accepted spinning as a sports type a few months back, opening the doors of professional competing and representation.

AM: This next question is pretty much a follow up question to the question above, what was the attraction to spinning that got you started.

Mudz: Bro!!!..Like the vuvuzela took on like wild fire in the 2010 world cup, spinning was the thing to do for young and old alike!

AM: We are aware that spinning is quite well established in Kimberly and Soweto, but what other parts of South Africa can we find spinners and how many clubs/teams are there within South Africa?

Mudz: I can tell you this!. You can go to any part of our country and ask who their top spinner is, and you will most probably get a positive answer.
We had guys down from Lesuthu, Botswana and Mozambique for our Easter shows before. I would say more then a thousand clubs across the country that we know of, is practicing the sport of spinning now.

AM: We’ve heard through a trusted source that the sport of spinning has caught the eyes of MSA (Motor sport South Africa). Are you at liberty to tell us what the committee has put into practice for spinners around South Africa?

Mudz: MSA (Motor Sport South Africa) now finally accepted spinning as a sports type a few months back, opening the doors of professional competing and representation to all.
Monster Mob has started a local league competition to initiate and introduce all the spinners to the MSA rules and regulations, and also to prepare them for next years regional and national competitions..

AM: Every sport in the world is classified as dangerous in some way or another, but I hear that some people have actually died while spinning. Is this true and what has been your scariest experience while spinning?

Mudz: In the Northern Cape we established an association called NOCSDA (Northern Cape Spinning and Drifting Association)
The purpose of this was to introduce and educate clubs and promoters regarding proper event application and event safety procedures.
It is just tragic to see that some authorities allow these “so called” organisers and promoters to host events without safety measures being followed.
With making a quick buck in mind they occupy any available pitch to host these events.
I can gladly say now with MSA involved all this will come to an end as from next year. All non affiliated clubs or organisers will not be allowed to host these illegal and dangerous events.
My scariest experience while spinning was at an event in Mafeking when my engine blew with such a loud bang! , we all thought we under attack!!…lol!!!

AM: Let’s get to know you a little bit better. I see that you work for Monster mob raceway. What position do you hold there and what does your average day consist of?

Mudz: I am the manager of the raceway and organise all motor sport and other entertainment events. Drifting, Spinning and other live shows.

AM: Working at a race track must be one of the best jobs in the world (I would imagine), are you allowed to take cars out onto the track and give them a good thrashing through a few corners?

Mudz: LOL..Yes I do get the opportunity to do my thing ones in a while.
It is definitely the best job ever!!!!
Working for Otto Graven and Monster Mob specifically, is any motor heads dream !!!…Fast cars and beautiful girls are the order of the day!!!
But I love the challenges this business sets with every new car built, events we attend and also the ones we organise.

AM: On that note, what cars do you own and which car/s do you use to spin in?

Mudz: Damn bro!!! Anything that has enough power to spin or drift in is cool!!!
I own a very nice E46 330i BMW; I use this baby to fly wherever I need to be in as little time possible!!!
Also an old school “Kentucky rounder” Toyota Corolla 16 valve twin cam.
My weapon of choice in this case is a mark 2 Ford Escort.

AM: Mudz, your spinning car that you use. What modifications have you done to it and are there any future plans you have in mind?

Mudz: I have fitted a v6 Essex motor with v66 cam shaft, over sized pistons and interceptor carburettor kit as my power plant.
Just enough power to start a chemical attack to impress the judges and the fans with my burn-outs.
Lowered the suspension and also smacked in a set of stabiliser bars at the rear end.

AM: Spinning seems like a variation of drifting, I know for a fact that drifters go through tyres like a loaf of bread in my house. Do you have sponsors for all those tyres you use and pop?

Mudz: Lol…Yes we have some of the well known spinners that get new tyres sponsored, but there is never a shortage of good second hand tyres to spin with.

AM: If one wanted to start spinning, how does one go about becoming a spinner? Is there a school one has to go to or do you just need to find an open parking lot at night?

Mudz: To be honest, that is what most of us did in the past! Now I would not advise any one to do that.
Spinning facilities is scares yes, but I would suggest you join an affiliated club in your area. I am sure they will hook you up with a legal venue to practice.

AM: How has the sport of spinning grown over the last 12months? Has it grown so much that, in your opinion, they would eventually dedicate a channel to it on Super sport?

Mudz: Well at this stage I would say, yes it has grown tremendously, and with MSA involved now it will not be long until the first televised event will hit viewers all over. A dedicated channel?….don’t know!

AM: If Super sport does not dedicate a channel, do you believe they will ever air a programme on spinning?

Mudz: Like I said with MSA involved the possibility definitely exists.
Spinning has created a huge niche market and I’m sure soon this will be exploited by companies out there.

AM: Just before we let you get back to your amazing job, we want to know what is your favourite South African meal?

Mudz: LOL…Easy bro!!!..  Braai vleis!!!!

AM: Mudinie, we appreciate you taking out time to have a chat with us; we look forward to having you down here in the Cape in the near future. Hopefully you will spin up a storm and join us for a drink sometime.

Mudz: Sure thing!!!….Thanks to Auto Modified for the exposure, and just as a reminder to all spinners out there!..Get yourselves affiliated to MSA…WE ARE LEGAL NOW!!!


  • Jomacher said:

    He he he ! What an awsome guy. Wouldn’t have mind to meet him in person.


  • Blair (author) said:

    Yea it was a great interview.. Thanks mudz for the awesome reponse!


    Lenka Reply:



  • Renier Vd Merwe said:

    Is ther a team in Polokwane, i got a Sierra that it could do


  • Zaheera said:

    He is a great guy! One amazing man and da best motorsport events organiser in da country!! Honest, Loyal and Dedicated is he 2 da sport!


  • mpho matekane said:

    keep up da gud work mudz.i will have a word with otto he must give u a raise.lol


    Blair Reply:

    Yohh how can you tease the man like that! :D


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