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Ms Hoon joins up with the Modified scene

14 December 2009 8 Comments

AM: What is your name?
Marlize: Marlize Hoon

AM: Food topics are bland, but they are always popping up in bloody interviews so let’s get this one done with. What’s your favorite food?
Marlize: C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E!!!

AM: What is your occupation apart from being part of the AutoModified team?
Marlize: I’m a Snr Administrator for an insurance company.

AM: This question probably sounds like something you would be asked at a dating show but I’m sure some ladies/gents out there would like to know, lol.. Married/Single/Attached?
Marlize: Happily attached.

AM: Where about did you grow up in South Africa and where are you based at the moment?
Marlize: I’ve been in Cape Town all my life.

AM: Have you ever been out of South Africa, if so where too?
Marlize: The furthest I’ve been away from home is Namibia.

AM: So what was the first car you drove and then what was the first car you owned?
Marlize: First car I drove was mom’s Mazda 323 and the first car I owned was a Mk2 Golf ….. And my 2nd, and 3rd, and 4th and my 5th and current car is the Mk2 Golf. (Enough said, lol)

AM: Muscle car or Tuner or Classic?
Marlize: Huh?

AM: Turbo or N/A?
Marlize: Turbo!

AM: We realize this is pretty much a typical car talk question so let’s tick this box while we are talking about it. What is your ultimate car and what helped you decide on that specific car?
Marlize: If money wasn’t a factor, I’d have them manufacture an one and only 2010 Model VW Golf Mk2.

AM: Racing, dragging or drifting?
Marlize: I would love to get involved with drifting, otherwise I prefer racing then drags.

AM: Which better fits your style of car, Performance or Sound?
Marlize: Definitely both.

AM: Bass or Clarity?
Marlize: I have both but lean more towards bass (Gotta love dem vibrations, ya know)

AM: What CD are you listening to at the moment?
Marlize: This is such a pointless question, no offense.

AM: Any future plans running through your mind for your car?
Marlize: A set of coilovers and a color change is at the top of my list.

AM: What’s going to be the next car you buy?
Marlize: Hopefully a track day car, or a rear wheel drive for those drifting lessons. Other than that, I’ve had a liking for the Baby BM’s and Golf Cabriolet’s for a while now. Oh, and I’d like to get my hands on a bike as well. A CBR600-RR would be the ideal one off course.

AM: Keeping on topic here, what’s your favorite brand of vehicle?
Marlize: VW GOLF MK2!
Let’s just leave it at that. Kapish?

AM: Like any car enthusiast one would assume you have done some sort of modification to your vehicle, what is it and why?
Marlize: I added crystal clear lights all round, as well as a debadged grill, smash & grab tint and had a single wiper conversion done. Then 2X 12” subs power by a 3000W monoblock is just enough sound to keep me smiling. Then for my entertainment, the following engine mods have been done:
o    ABF motor (2Ltr 16V)
o    T3/T4 Turbo
o    Cast Turbo Manifold
o    Custom Intake Plenum
o    Headlight to Headlight Intercooler (size matters)
o    Management: Gotech Pro
o    63mm Stainless Steel Exhaust

AM: How did you find out about this website and how did you get involved with AutoModified?
Marlize: I’ve been keeping the guys up to date with upcoming Cape Town events and so Blair thought it would be a great idea to have me AutoModified, lol.

AM: Lets step away from cars for a little bit and step into the entertainment arena. What’s the worst joke you have heard recently and what was it?
Marlize: Chuck Norris can finish Mario Brothers without using the jump button.

AM: If you could have one super power what would it be and why?
Marlize: Mind reading. I like to analyze the reasoning behind people’s actions/behavior.

AM: Name three things not many people know about you?
Marlize: It might not always seem that way, but I’m actually a very approachable person.. just a little shy sometimes.
I’m not good with names at all, whether its people, movies, music genre’s, the names of songs or even the artist who sings them.
I’m absolutely terrified of going to the dentist, and I hate shopping.

AM: Favorite movie of all time?
Marlize: Uhmm.. can’t remember the name at the moment.

AM: What do you do most weekends?
Marlize: My bf off course ;)  OR… When I’m not kicking butt on the strip or breaking something on the main circuit, then I’ll most likely be seen at some dyno day or hook-up of some sort.

AM: We all speed once in a while :D
So how many speeding fines have you clocked up and what’s the highest speed through a camera that you’ve been caught at?
ONCE in a while?
Marlize: Uhmm.. my speedo doesn’t work. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. *wink*

That brings us to the end of the AutoModified Team interview, but by all means if you have any questions that you would like to ask us, please leave a comment and the team member will hopefully answer it.


  • DUBSTER said:

    you rock bitch


    Ms Hoon Reply:

    Whoohoo!!! \(o0,)/


  • Desley"kadafie" said:

    Hey thr! Just wanted 2 knw how much grand u putt in 4 that conversion? Sounds sweet lol bt is it reali that sweet?..sharp hope u can reply


    Ms Hoon Reply:

    Bought the complete car for R50k after my brother build up the engine for me.


  • Blair (author) said:

    Hey Marlize, i see your list isnt that long in your interview :)


    Ms Hoon Reply:

    That’s coz at the time of the interview I wasn’t doing MSA yet.


    Blair Reply:

    gaan slaap, lol
    when we doing a follow up interview to your drag racing career?


  • Ms Hoon said:

    Whenever you’re ready ;)


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