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New Subaru WRX STi – what are your feelings

2 December 2010 8 Comments

Plain and simple, what are your feelings towards the Subaru Wrx STi. We would really like to know what you think of it.


  • jomacher said:

    Blair, as you know, I’m an Evo fan hey, but, I hate to say this in public. I have the opportunity of seeing these new WRX mosters on the road while they were doing a testrun and I couldn’t take my eyes of them hey. The colour is something you can’t explain and you have to take a good close-up look to try and figure it out. The sound of them is somewhat softer than what they used to be. I challenged one of the guys with my 997cc Yaris and at first he wasn’t interested, but eventually got him to pull from right-under me. I chased him down though but luckily for me we were in peak traffic and had to duck and dive other cars to stay close to him. In my honest opinion I wouldn’t mind driving one of these babies, but somehow, the exclusivity of the Mitsubishi EVO X still send shivvers down my spine and hopefuly, big hopefully, Mitsubishi South Africa decide to bring us the EVO XI as they are losing heavaly to their greatest competition. I will buy the WRX but I’m scared that I might just lose my loyalty to Mitsubishi.


    Slayer Reply:

    Hi guys I agree the new Subaru STi looks awesome, but I have owned 4 of the last STi impreza models. This issue I have is that The STi model cannot be serviced by the dealers. I have had turbo issues with 3 of my STi’s and I was considering buying the new STi but I am worried that I will end up in the same situation. So it is easy to get caught up in the marketing hype created by the brand only to be disappointed by a car you believe will deliver.

    Speaking from experience! Don’t get caught up in the Hype!


  • BlairH (author) said:

    ohh here we go again… :P
    I too have seen a few floating about the Track and i do agree they are somewhat quieter that the previous STI but that’s all got to do with the exhaust setup I would imagine. Quick easy fix would be to import a HKS decat exhaust setup. What I am finding extremely sexy is that Subaru have decided to flare I little bit more than the older models.

    One thing iv noticed and im not too happy about is, take not of the steering wheel. There are way to many controls on the wheel, this is a sports sedan, in my opinion that wheel should be clutter free.

    Ohh and I forgot to mention, 221kw baby.. its the fastest STI to be produced so far :D
    The price is another story though, for just short of R500k I’m not completely sold. But all in all I could drive one :D


  • jomacher said:

    Yeah, very valid point there Blair, regarding all the buttons on the steering. Another thing I noticed straight away is the lack of a decent 7″ screen mounted in the double din slot. They should keep up with technology if they want to attract the more sofisticated buyer.

    Yeah, it is fast though, but compared to the new Focus RS which powers to 240kw, you’ll find yourself in dire straight if youre starting to look around a bit in that price class.

    I think at the end of the day, if youre loyal to the Subaru, you won’t look any other way, but unfortunately, there are way more vehicle shoppers in SA than loyal supporters.


  • Angelo said:

    I agree fully with Jomacher, also a evo fan but this is sexy! As to the steering wheel controls, Subaru is merely keeping up with the times, BMW, Audi Mercedes all have these functions on their M, S and AMG models respectively. The Subaru is not everyones cup of tea and definitely for the enthusiasts!


  • Shea said:

    To be quite honest i like the steering wheel but then again i do like buttons. Just wish they had spent a bit more time on the centre consol section. That 7″ would be perfect


  • Kifazoid said:

    i just crazy about them always was a scoob fan and still am wow form my side drool!


  • Snowtime said:

    Its true… its not really sexy, it doesn’t have a german interior with lot of useless gimo, it will loose some seconds over an evo around a track, but…
    For an everyday car, which have to handle all weather condition, which is able to switch from commuter to rally monster, so driver focused and fun to drive,no expensive german car give this
    price/pleasure/performance ratio.
    Don’t tell the others there will be to many on the roads :)


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