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Kaihatsu Update with Dylan Cothill

After the unfortunate failure of my Silvia’s SR20 and it needing a R16K rebuild, I came across an amazing deal.
Brenton’s V8 S13 has received a lot of bad reviews in the past and sat on Gumtree for sale for a long time as there were rumours going around about the chassis being skew, everyone warned me about this car. I personally knew this car and the driver and knew there was a lot of money spent on this car.

The deal of my Caddy and a set of Grids was agreed …

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Sashen’s Mint Bmw E36 – Readers Wheels

Name: Sashen Ganglah
Location: Durban

Make: Bmw
Model: 325i E36
Year: 1995
Engine Size: 2.5

Sashen’s E36 is a well maintained example of a Bmw E36 325i, the car is completely stock with no engine modifications, except for the hint of a freeflow exhaust system from Powerflow.

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Question Section – Mr2 engine modifications

I have a Toyota MR2 1998 model that i would like to upgrade its performance. It natural aspirated SW20. What can be done to achieve above 200kw?
AutoModified Reply: Well N/A application are generally a bit more expensive to squeeze out power over a Turbo charged application.
starting off with the normal performance upgrades would a start to reaching your power gain, so a full branch and exhausts system for starters. The I would work the head with Cams and get it ported and bigger valves.
If you could provide us with a …

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Drifting at Tsukuba – Mad sliding action

We are onboard with a Nissan Silvia S14 by the looks of the dash. This is a video clip shot on the Tsukuba circuit in Japan.
There are a whole bunch of cars in the mix here, but this driver of the car really flicks his car around and has some great handling techniques!!

{via Driftworks)

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Midweek eye candi – Bum diggidy

I know this is Eye candi insert is well over due, but what can I say, things have been very busy and making time to blog has become more and more difficult. So in the spirit of the good old days iv managed to round up a couple of bum diggidy picks just because I’m in an very good mood. Enjoy…

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The Rygate FMC Fiesta Carnival

Extreme Concepts is getting ready for yet another Big event namely “The Rygate FMC Fiesta Carnival” at the Rygate sports grounds. Event kicks off on Wednesday 28th untill Saturday 31st March. Big Wheel, Carnival Rides, Live Bands, Custom Show & Shine, Sound Off by Boyz Toyz, The Miss Bollywood Beauty Pageant, plus Spin & Drift car displays, Food Stalls, and lots of fun for the whole family and many more…..
Show and Shine Registration is taking place on Saturday, 17th March @ McD’s N1 City from 2.30pm til 4pm sharp!
Show and …

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Question Section – Exhaust wrap

Message: I am trying to find heat-resistant wrapping that can be wrapped around branch manifold exhausts outlets in order to keep the heat within the exhaust piping and to assist in keeping the engine bay cooler.
I’m also looking for stretchable hosing/piping that can wrap over the front of my cone filter and then over my original outlet for better air suction through the original ducts. Kevin
AutoModified Reply: Hi Kevin we sell Exhaust wrap,  ill send you over an email now. Regarding the other item, I’m not to sure what you …

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AWD Turbo Opel Corsa – Build Thread

I happened to stumble across this build last night while doing my usual reading up and blog research. In South Africa we see a lot of Opel Corsa’s having bolt on turbo kits being put on and body kits and they are pretty much almost as popular as a modified VW Golf. So I was saying I came across something that is very unique and the Opel fans are about to do their nuts!! This car falls straight out of Switzerland and I’m told that to have a modified car …

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Turbocharger conversion – Explained

I take it that you have decided to add some horsepower to your car by installing a turbocharger. While, true a turbo kit can add a lot of horsepower to your car, keep in mind there are several things that go into installing a turbocharger like the size of the turbo, how much boost your engine can handle, how much torque can your axles handle, will you need to modify your fuel intake system etc. The following is a guide on how to install a turbo in a car that …

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JOM Coilover and Suspension kits sold here

Automodified has recently started to add a new brand of coilover to our brand. We are now authorised sellers for JOM South Africa. JOM manufactures and supplies various products for the automotive industry and specifically focuses on styling products. JOM Coilovers are made to a very high quality standard, they are only height adjustable for now, but plans are to develop a damping kit for their range of coilovers. The JOM suspension range is made of galvanised steel and are serviceable. It is the perfect addition to the street tuner …

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Modified Toyota Aqua – The modified Hybrid

The Toyota Aqua has only been on sale in Japan for a couple of months now, but already the bigger tuners are coming up with some wicked designs. The Toyota Aqua happens to be one of those affordable little hybrid that also has those sport lines we all like to play around with and customise. Its great to see what a couple subtle modifications to a car can do. I for see hybrids becoming the pimping standard of the future. What do you guys think about modifying a hybrid?