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The Ultimate Showdown Part 2 Park Off

On Saturday, 25th February, SoundDrift Magazine hosted “The Ultimate Showdown Part 2 Park Off” at Queens Beach in Sea Point. This was open for all Car and Bike Brands!! The park off kicked off at 5pm and once again the CPT petrolheads came out to show their support. The OPClub was one of the first car clubs to fill the parking spaces. By 6 the place was packed with close to 200 cars in the parking lot.  The weather was nice and the cars looked awesome. Glad to …

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3s- GTE engine modifications explained

One of the best ways to modify a 3s-gte motor.
It is always recommended to ensure that the vehicle is safe and reliable before starting on the path of modifications. Check your brakes, suspension components for wear, check for leaks that may be excessive, and ensure your cooling system is operating properly by performing a system pressure test and pressure testing your coolant fill cap. Typically trying to fix a car that has a known issue by upgrading a part to an aftermarket part does not solve the problem unless the …

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Scarlet Lounge Bikini Car Wash-Wicked Promotions

Enjoying the last days of summer we were spoiled with some nice eye candy. I think Gasant of the BM Squad can back me up on this one. Wicked Promotions & Venom Designz hosted on Saturday a Bikini Carwash at Scarlet Lounge in Ottery. The event kicked off at 2 and by the time I got there the parking lot was filled with metal ready to be splashed. Never in my life have I seen so many cars queuing at a car wash and some of the rides didn’t even …

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Bmw E30 Drop tops – Submit a Ride

Here are the 2 E30 Droptops from Durban, apparently these are the cleanest around. both the cars are stock standard,with original body,the motor are standard apart from a full exhaust system front to back!the interior of the white drop top is full lather which came std from BMW,this car is alpina Ltd! Sound/ice the white drop top has two 12′s pioneers dvc 1400watts,were as the red 1 has one 12 pioneer dvc with DVD!the white drop top has ALL WIDE Lenso BSX,an the red 1 has emotion rims from pitstyle! …

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Motown Chev Firenza update

Some of you guys might remember not so long ago we did a build post on the Motown Chev Firenza Can Am. Well here is a bit of an update for you all.
For those that missed it, here is the start of the upgrade: motown-american-parts-chev-firenza-build
The last time we checked up on the car, she was pretty much almost complete. the Ecu still need to be wired up and the exhausts needed to have holes cut into the fenders and a couple other jobs.
So this is what has happened since then. …

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Random Image – The Shoot

Photos like this are just so awesome, take a way the fact that we are looking at two awesome super cars and you are left with the warp speed feel.
It seem like we are riding shotgun with the Porsche 650 GTR and trail blazing behind us is the Lamborghini Gallardo and the super sleek Ferrari 458 Italia. Quite the photo right!

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Rides and Vibes Car and Bike Show – Event Coverage

Accompanied by Mr Paul Walker Pakoe, we once again hit the streets of CPT in search of a car show and the smell of Meguair’s lead us to the “Rides and Vibes Car and Bike Show”.
All of this went down at Groote Schuur High School in Newlands on Saturday. They were blessed with some nice summer weather and the turnout speaks for itself. On arrival we were greeted by a fleet of shining metal and the smell of suntan lotion. Once again Cape Town modfathers and sisters supported an event …

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Low is a lifestyle – Sound Off event

I took some time off on Saturday to make a turn at Advanced Audio out in Lansdowne where BassMaster Inc., in conjunction with Team Autopunks, hosted their first “Sound Off” event. It was also the first sound event for 2012 where I was invited to and surely was one banging one. Some pretty impressive numbers, especially Dirk in his blue Uno hitting a 154.74 dB’s with only 2 x 12 inch DD’s.
Also impressive was Nizaam in his black Conquest doing a 149.51 dB’s in Bass boxing, something the whole crowd …

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Ravensmead High School Carnival

Last week Thursday I got a call from Abubakr Masoet asking me if I’m available to show off my ride at the Ravensmead High School Carnival.  I always say yes to fundraisings, especially when it’s a school event. The Car show was hosted by Stick Shifters and was in the form of a Burn Out, Sound Off and Show and Shine. A number of rides pulled through and it’s always good to see new rides on show.  Here are some snapshots…

Personally, this was surely a great start to 2012’s car …

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Garrett GTX3582R Ball Bearing Turbo

Garrett’s ball bearing cartridge has proven its worth in the highest level of motorsports where it has been the bearing system of choice in CART FEDEX ChampCar Series, 24 Hours of Le Mans, Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, World Rally Championship, and most recently Drag Racing. These premier racing customers demand no less than the best in durability, reliability, and power on demand. One key contributor to this performance lies in the ball bearing cartridge where it is, by design, surrounded by a thin film of oil. The oil film …

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Not so fanTAZZtic!

By now I think Donovan’s “Lil Dragon” Conquest is familiar to the Cape Town Car show scene. It was featured on AM a while back and have won many “Show and Shine” events until that fatal day in October of last year. He was driving home from his mother’s place when a dog decided to cross the road without using the zebra crossing. Trying to avoid from hitting the dog, he swerved out and hit a pole, damaging the right hand side of the car. That brought immediate tears to …