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Meet & Greet-Team dB park off

Meet & Greet

One thing about Cape Town adrenalin junkies, no matter rain or shine they will always come out to support an event, even if it is just a “park off”! On Saturday, Team dB hosted a “meet and greet” at Sanlam Centre, top parking lot. This was to do a mini photo shoot for their next booklet. Instead of just a club meet, they decided to call on all car freaks and clubs interested and what a turn out it was! The “park off” kicked off at 11am and …

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What am I – Session 1

We are starting a weekly feature called “What am I”. You guys get to test your knowledge against the AutoModified team, basically this is how it works: We will give you guys a couple of clues based on stats and leaving you the room to fill in the blanks to figure out “What am I”
This weeks “What am I”:
Bore × stroke: 86.00 mm × 86.00 mm
Compression ratio: 10.50:1
Maximum power: 125 kw
Maximum torque: 228 nM
0-100 km/h: 7.60 sec
Top speed: 223 km/h
Lets see what you guys come up with?

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Lotus Exige – Matte Black Limited Edition

To mark the end of an era of the Lotus Exige production, Lotus has created the Exige Matte Black Limtied Edition exclusively for  their North American clientèle. With a supercharged and intercooled 257bhp engine, exclusive matte black paint finish, black Alacantara sport seats and a high level of standard equipment. Only 25 Exige Matte Black Final Editions will be built for the North American market, virtually insuring this Exige becomes an instantly collectible item. Now I want to know, why don’t we get any of these nice limited Edition Exiges? …

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How to build a drift Car on a budget

So you want to get into the sport of Drifting, but dont know where to start. We have compiled a basic starting blog to help you get going. This is the first insert  of several in an article on how to start building up a drift machine..
Choosing a Car
Drift cars can come in all makes and models. Choosing the correct car to meet your budget is the first and most important set towards getting your ass into a drift car of your own.
View our previous blog about affordable drift cars …

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Random Image – Engine Braai’s

You just can’t get more manly than a 5.7 liter v8 HEMI powered, stainless steel braai now can you? This lil number was designed for the  “What Can You HEMI?” contents held by Chrysler.  What do you guys reckon, should we knock up a 2L 16valve golf Braai or maybe a Opel Super Boss bonnet Braai?

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Mind Controled Bicycle – Prius inspired

I wouldn’t normally post about a bicycle, but this bike was inspired by a car so I think we can let this one slide. Toyota teamed up with Saatchi & Saatchi, Parlee Cycles to make the PXP mind control bike. The bike is very sleek but doesn’t look too different from current bikes you can buy these days.

What’s different about this bike is that it comes with a special helmet designed to read your brains signals and knows when you want to change gears. If that doesn’t interest you, you …

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Street2Strip and Streetcar Track Day


This coming weekend ( 13th & 14th August 2011) Killarney will once again be action packed with various events on two wheels and four. Saturday sees the circuit taken over by the Short Circuit Racing section where motorcycles of all ages and sizes strut their stuff on the half main and dirt section side of the facility, this event is also supported by Formula M on four wheels and the always spectacular Supermoto races on dirt and tar. The main straight will see Street2Strip action from mid day till just …

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Traffic fines, cameras & updates

Its not only a traffic page – lets talk about everything here – this is for the whole South Africa – chat about the Good and the Bad: Come and say HI & Let us take the fight to corruption and have fun doing so!

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Otto Gravens trip to Formula Drift 2011

For those of you that dont know Otto Graven is over in the USA taking part in the Forumla Drift Series, Team Monstermob shipped over Otto’s famous 350Z to take part in one of the worlds biggest Drifting events. This is a bit of a picture diary we have put together so you guys can follow a bit of Otto and his teams progress so far.
Whats an adventure to the US with out a bit of NASCAR?

Otto and Team making their way to one of the Formula Drift destinations. Take …

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Drifting on the go

I was sent this video clip over the weekend of some buddy in Asia drifting while having a bit of a meal. Come to think of it, this brings a whole new meaning to “Meals on wheels”.
The Car he is drifting is a Toyota AE86 the food he is chowing looks like a Big Mac and Medium Coke, I couldn’t help laughing. You need to watch at least a little bit. What do you reckon could be more entertaining than this?

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Womans Day Killarney programme

The ladies are in for a big treat this coming Tuesday the 9th (Womans Days) Killarney is hosting its annual Womans Day event. Click the image to enlarge the days programme