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Remapping your ECU

Most makes and models of cars these days can be remapped, with Diesel and Turbo Diesel models giving the best performance increases, both in the Torque and KW. This gives the car much better response than the usual factory settings. Basically this mean that after the remap your car will perform much better than it originally did. This includes having more power and an increase in fuel efficiency.

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Killarney this weekend: Streetcar Track Day & WPMC Club Drag racing

This coming weekend Killarney will be hosting a Streetcar Open Track day on Saturday afternoon from 2pm till 6pm. This event allows members of the public the opportunity to drive their road going cars around the 3,2km long main circuit. Drivers are separated into one of three groups depending on their driving experience while the Porsche club will have two 15 minute sessions before joining the rest of the normal groups later in the day. Racing cars are allowed however if piloted by a race driver they will be pushed into group 3, …

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Fire Fly – Ford Escort RS

Neville Varney’s orange little Ford Escort needs no introduction to the Cape Town “Car Show” scene. It went under many transformations to what it is today. He recently had some alterations done to his house by adding another room, all this for his “Show and Shine” trophy collection!

Being a panel- beater by trade, he always wanted to build a show car to advertise his business. When he received an invite from Zabby to showcase his work at one of the first “Streetmod Custom” shows, he decided to build what you …

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Uncle Ken’s new Rally toy

Ken Block revealed his newest weapon of rally destruction last week at the Gymkhana world tour in Los Angeles. The Hybrid Function Hoon Vehicle (H.F.H.V.), yes thats what its being called, gets its name not from its method of drive, but instead from its ability to transform and race at the highest level for each of these motorsport events it faces,  this makes it one of the most unique and versatile competition vehicles ever built by Ford. Uncle Ken is going to not just dominate, he is going to wipe …

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SupaDrift Series 4 – Drifting Teaser

This is a short video clip of what went down at the last SupaDrift series session at Zwartskop raceway. Some skill full driving can be seen by some of the competitors. It seems that SupaDrift is a very competitive drift series in Gauteng. One would hope to see something of the same caliber down here in Cape Town
Watch the video clip:

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NavCol Super Car Show – Event Coverage

The excitement and hype generated for the SA Naval College Super Car and Bike Show was worth the wait. Once again, Team Venom, in conjunction with Team Autopunks, unleashed some dangerous venom!!!! The wind was hectic in Gordons Bay, but that did not deter the petrol heads to come out and support this event. It was good to see some new “show and shine” contenders and it just shows how the sport is growing. DJ Ready D along with his wife, Anwar Daniels, Marlon, Zabby, Noer Asmodien and the D1S …

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Drifting is an art

Drifting has become quite popular in South Africa over the past 3-4 years, a couple of names come to mind. Anton is one of those names that comes to mind, having not personally met Anton but seen in action at a good few open track days and at a couple of the KinG Of The Mountain events the man has helped put drifting on the map in Cape Town. This is Video Clip put together by Oryx Media and the video explains what is needed to set up an drift …

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Woman’s Day at Killarney

Its time for the annual

Woman’s Day event at Killarney Race Track

again on Tuesday 9th August (public holiday).

Please come and join us for a day of fun, there is something for everyone. Come and try out some of the different types of motorsport on the day and the best part is, ladies its free!!!!

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Good Hope FM Lifestyle Expo 2011‏ – Event Coverage

Radio Good Hope FM was celebrating 46 years of awesomeness with an all new Lifestyle Experience at the Cape Town Convention Centre on Saturday, July 16. This was a ten hour event and doors opened to the public at 12:00pm.
The day was packed with entertainment for both young and old. Live acts included, La Vuvuzela, Keeno Lee, Lloyd Jansen and HHP! There was a fighting ring where Dragon Power performed Muay Thai and even a gaming area for the kids to play Playstation and X-Box. AJAX Cape Town also had …

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Proudly South African Drift beast

Otto Graven and Team Monstermob are over in the States taking part in the Formula Drift series and have changed up their car livery to show some South African support. South Africa has the means and skill to take part in such an event as Formula Drift
Best of luck to the Team and Otto, Show the world what we are capable of.

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Is this Rendered or a Photograph?

I found this image on the internet this morning and cant figure out if the image has been photoshop’d or if the car actually looks like this. what do you guys think?