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Sports & GT car section track day Sat 16th

This event is for Sports & GT car competitiors, friends and Sportcar interested people. 
These Cars include Porsche, Ferrari, Lotus and any other exotic Sports/GT Cars.
Entries 1.30pm till 3pm, CoC office at the bottom of the admin building.
2pm is the safety brief.
On the track till + 6pm.
Entry fee: (Drivers) WPMC members R200, Non members R250. (Passengers) R50 for all.
Drivers will be separated into three groups: Group 1 (Easy group – no out braking allowed) / Group 2 (Medium group – single file through the corners) / Group 3 (Racing rules apply, for …

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Super Orange – Opel Manta

One car that Opel produces in a rear wheel drive setup that you wont find to often and when you do they are either riden into the ground or look like shit. Uncle Phil, this one is for you bra and the rest of the Opel fans out there.

Super Orange Manta Specifications:
Volvo B230 with navy crankshaft
SPM H-profile connecting rods
Venolia pistons
16 Valve Volvo head with standard valves, port grinded with own ideas
Self made mechanical valve adjustment
Camshafts grinded by SPM
Double valve springs
Garret GT-40 turbo
Eaton M62 compressor with an own system for control …

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Random Image – Highly Modified Engine

WOW check this out, this motor looks like something out of a scary movie. If I’m not correct this is a V8 of the Chevrolet type, you can also see the huge chromed up turbos on each side of the heads. I would really have liked to give you guys the power figures but I wasn’t able to find such info on this little monster.

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Lil Dragon – Custom Bantam Bakkie

The original Ford Bantam launched in 1983, was based on the Ford Escort Mk III then replaced by the Bantam 2, with a Mazda 323 6th generation-based Ford Laser front end, with it later being  baptised Mazda Rustler.
Our feature this month was conceived as a white Bantam 2 in 2003 with major reworkings deep in Rodney’s  cerebellum! Together with wife Melanie, their new baby was adorned with some aftermarket accessories. “Show and Shine “events became their new playground. In 2006 it was decided a total makeover was necessary. I remembered speaking to Rodney about this project. …

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Thanks guys – Mag Addiction‏

Being on holiday for 3 weeks gave me some time to do things on my ride. While I was busy with the speaker pods, I decided that it was time to do something about my wheels. I had them for almost 3 years now and it was time to either replace them or to refurbish. Since I love this wheel so much I decided to refurbish them. I was thinking of a colour change but decided to only high polish the 3 inch lips. I handed them over to Mag …

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Sound download – Airplanes Remix

Ok guys, some of you might not be into this but some of you definitely will be. On Friday evening a mate sent me a link to one of the most amazing Drum and Bass Remixes of Airplanes with Eminem and Hayley Williams. Unfortunately I cant for the life of me remember the name of the guy that remixed the song but I do how ever have the song for download for those of you that want to drop the song in your car.
Do your self a favour and download …

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Custom Speaker Pod Build

I always wanted fibreglass speaker pods in my car and so many friends offered to do the job. Not that I don’t mind, but I always wanted to do it myself. After some extensive research I decided to build pods for the front doors and rear parcel shelf. Remember, this was my first attempt…
1. I made my own speaker rings using 8mm MDF board that was also cut to shape to form the back of the pod.
2. I attached the speaker ring to the backing piece using the 12mm dowel and hot glue. The dowels were cut to give a required angle.

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Classic Vw

Ah sometimes people can send you pictures that tell a 1000 words. I found this very entertaining VW picture in my mail box this morning, obviously it was a Volkwagen fan, and being one of the many fan i have to post this…  you cant beat the reliability can you know.

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Midweek eye candi – Black beauti edition

This is my first official post for the Midweek eye candi, Iv been helping out with the selection for a while now and this will be the 1st time iv actually posted my own work. I Chose black this time round because black cars always seem to look hot and that what we like to delivery, Hot cars with even HOTTER WOMAN. Please leave a comment behind telling me which lady you liked most.
From me the Eye candi scout, enjoy and see you back next week

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Sat Drags practice and Street2Strip

Killarney: Club Drags Practice & Street2Strip 9.30am till 8pm with Short Circuit Racing on the oval from 8am till 5pm – Saturday 9th July 2011

Admission: R30pp 12 years and older

This coming Saturday Killarney will be hosting an official practice session for the drag racing competitors from 9.30am till 1pm (entries 9am till 11.30am) allowing these faster competitors an opportunity to test their vehicles,

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POTM – Honda NSX

This months POTM was choosen for my new profound love for the Honda’s that have been produced over the last 20 odd years. This months car is a Honda NSX.
Every month we upload a new and special photo that we have either been sent or that we have found, the Photo Of The Month is always displayed on the right hand side of the website.

The Honda NSX was built between 1990 and 2005 in a dedicated factory built by Honda. The company wanted to prove their engineering ability and take …