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Team CTSR will be having their final dynoWARS series on 30 April 2011. Williams Automotive Racing will play host to the 2010/11 season final for dynoWARS series…..the rollers can hold power over 600kw!!!
The FIRST 40 cars that goes on the rollers pay R70 per run and after the first 40 then it will be R80 per run. CTSRcrew is happy to welcome sponsors onboard for the event; Soundmatch,Racing Edge and Power Performance Exhaust.
…PLus this time they will have something for the DB-Koppe! Sound Off will be hosted by Team Autopunks. Food …

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Random Pic

Just for those Stance fans!
Its slammed to the ground so it already gets a Facebook “Like”, secondly its a reliable Vw… Tick! Thirdly its a Vw Eos that’s turned into a full blown sex mobile… TICK TICK!
Now that’s what I call a sexy looking Volkswagen Eos!

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King of Germany Video Clip

As most of you know im a real big fan of well edited Motorsport video clips and as per my usual browsing pattern i visited one of my favourite video editing users on Vimeo. This is a well edited clip from the 2010 King of Germany event.
Something struck my mind while I was watching the video clip for the second time. In South Africa we have a lot of talented video editors at our disposal, how come we never see thing like this done at events. Iv got …

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Nationals @Killarney – Sat 2 April

With the second round of the national 2011 WesBank Super Series set for take-off at Killarney on Saturday (April 2), changes to various categories promise to make the racing more exciting than ever. .
The biggest transformation is in the Bridgestone Production Car category that now includes two sets of back to back sprint events. In other words, four starts and an equal number of finishes.
The grid for the first race in the …morning is determined by the qualifying times. The cars then line …

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Benefits of a Carbon Fibre bonnets

Well firstly, before we start discussing the benefits of fitting a carbon fiber hood to your car, let us first look at what carbon fiber is.
Wikipedia provides the best explanation for this so I will quote from there. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carbon-…forced_polymer
”Carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer or carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP or CRP), is a very strong, light, and expensive composite material or fiber-reinforced polymer. Similar to fiberglass (glass reinforced polymer), the composite material is commonly referred to by the name of its reinforcing fibers (carbon fiber). The polymer is most often epoxy, but other polymers, such …

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Super Car Show – Simons Town

The South African Navy in Simon’s Town, Cape Town will once again opened its doors to the people of South Africa to come and explore the navy culture and environment at the East Dockyard in Simon’s Town. The much anticipated Navy Festival will take place from 1-3 April 2011. Some of the standard attractions like ships and Submarines, Tug rides and Flea Markets were open to the public while some events like, a gun run display, the Navy Band performance, a Dog Display by the SA Navy’s Dog Unit and …

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RedBull F1 Car in Longstreet

Wow, thats all I can say.. Last night the Redbull F1 car was brought into Cape Towns Longstreet and the car was started up opposite the LongStreet Cafe and rev’d a good couple of times. If you haven’t heard a Formula One car start up before then you best get to Killarney on Sunday between 1p and 4pm to see it in action.
I was able to take a few pictures and a Video clip of the Redbull Formula One car but my phones flash is far from the best, so …

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SSJ Concepts – Bikini Car Wash

. Bikini Car wash done by Colortec Valet Service
. Sound Off by Sound Dynamics
. As well as a show and shine.

This is a fundraiser and charity event for the
college SRC and for the community as a whole.

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The Red Bull Racing F1 Showcar event has moved to Killarney Motor Racing Complex to better accommodate the crowd capacity and showcase the true potential of the Formula One car at the home of the Western Province Motor Club.
The response received for this event has been so overwhelming that the decision has been made to move the event to a more suitable location.
On 17th December 1960, the Cape Grand Prix was held at Killarney. This was the first time the track and the …

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Carnival City WOMZA Drift Championships 2011

An electric start to the first round of the Carnival City WOMZA Drift Championships with nineteen entries entering the first Round of the prestigious Carnival City WOMZA Drift Championships for 2011.
No shortage of thrills and spills as Imtiaz Dali was the first victim claimed by the engine reaper as his Toyota Soarer’s engine suffered a severe engine malfunction, dropping a valve through cylinder resulting in total destruction of the motion maker. The sounds of snap crackle and pop made by the destruction and carnage of the valve rattling around …

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Top Gear Festival – Kyalami Grand Prix circuit

From there we rotated around the food court and the food court and the food court, and the Speed ‘n Sound drifts, where their Lumina’s, despite being oxygen starved the entire day and going through enough tires to build a French drain large enough to service Johannesburg, gave hundreds of spectators suicide seat rides without an ounce of failure (from the cars)! Respect!