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Random Drift Picture

Coming slideways through a corner and the driver decides to pop the air brake.. LOL

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Experience the roar of Red Bull Racing as the
Red Bull F1 showcar takes to the streets of
Cape Town.

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Hosting Car Shows‏

The other day I was approached by a buddy of mine. He asked me to help him planning on hosting a car show. He had no idea where to start and neither did I so I decided to do some research on this topic and this is what I came up with…
First things first…
You have to plan on where and when the show will take place, who you want to help you and what kind of entertainment you want at the show-especially if it’s an event for the whole family.

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Window Parking Notes

I don’t normally post this spammish email stuff, but some of theses Parking window notes were a laugh!!
A female friend of mine actually had a “nice”  parking note left on her windscreen not so long ago, but it looked as if the woman leaving the message needed to replace her lipstick as it seems to be running out.. LOL

Here are a few funny parking notes!
I might be leaving a few notes around the Cape Town area soon, Iv seen idiots park length was in3 parking bays and …

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Forum Member shows toys

The other day we had a new forum member join up with the AutoModified Forum, Turbobudz decided to show us a few of the toys he has had the opportunity to own over the years. Check out some of the stuff Buddy has owned on the AutoModified Forum.
Budz from Europe (click to see buddy’s post)

Join our forum and show off some of the cars you have owned in the past.

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ROTA wheels South Africa

ROTA Rims have officially landed in South Africa.
With supply non-existent, Dylan Cothill of Kaihatsu Factory has secured distribution for these awesome mags to the South African motor enthusiast.
ROTA Rims has to survive the series of tests. Impact tests, Cornering fatigue tests, Drum tests, Coordinating tests and an acid tests on the track.
In all these, ROTA delivers. These wheels are a product of 25 years of manufacturing experience, experience that is continually boosted and enhanced by our alliances with European and Japanese technological partners.
The ROTA wheels have been designed with lightweight …

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Question Section – Corsa Accessories

Message: Hi guys i have a corsa light and would love to know what accessories i can get many thanks Jono
AutoModified Reply:
Howzit Jon0, all depends what you would like to do to your Opel Corsa, there are honestly a lot of Opel Corsa accessories out there these days.
You could start with the Corsa Angel eyes or even the tinted lights.

Jono this question isn’t as straight forward as I expected, we are not sure 100% if you mean styling accessories like lights and mirrors or if you are talking about complete …

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Vw Golf Mk1 styling

What would you say is the most common car seen on our South African roads? I firmly believe that you see more Volkswagen Mk1 Golfs on the roads than any other cars. In saying that, you can only imagine how many of these populate cars are modified and have certain styling parts added. Iv put together a basic Styling check list for a Vw Mk1 golf driver looking to get into the modifying car scene.

Wheels these days are pretty mush the most important part of vehicle styling and can transform …

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Affordable Drift Cars found in SA

Potential drift cars you can find for sale in SA. To start drifting you need a rear wheel drive (RWD) car, what type of RWD car all depends on your budget of course. Drifting isn’t a cheap form of Motorsport you wont ever find a cheap form of Motorsport unfortunately.  But there are however ways of bring the costs down. The initial start up is going to be an expensive exercize, especially in South Africa, drifting is still very much a unknown phenomenon in South Africa, but that will …

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World Challenge R35 Build – Speedhunters

Iv got something that will make any grown man weak in the knees, this is a Nissan GTR that is about to become a sushi chef on steroids…
This is what the Nissan GTR R35 looked like when it pulled up at AMS in Chicago.

No time was wasted. The interior was thoroughly stripped in order to begin the cage and chassis fabrication process. The car has now been stripped in its chops and about to be prepped for one of the AMS’s renowned safety cages.
next the engine was removed for a …

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Mixed Bag Of Motor Racing

Mixed bag of Hotrods Championships with Formula N Circuit Racing and Koepel Club Off Road Racing @ Rock Raceway
The dramatic sounds of engines roaring into life and the rich fuel smells being emitted from the exhaust outlets as the unburned gasses waft into the black of night as the adrenalin filled racing drivers berry their heavy foot on the loud pedals to gain the advantage over their rivals on track at the renowned Rock Raceway circuit, in various categories of oval tar racing on …