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5 Reg / Club Sat 2nd Short Circuit and Supermoto /Streetracing Drags (2nd) 9am-5pm & Street2Strip 6pm-10pm (Raceweb)
6 n/a Sun Streetcar Track Day 2pm-6pm
11 n/a Fri Fantastic Racing 9am-1pm
12 Reg Sat Main Circuit Practice 9am-2pm / CHD from 2pm / Marshals Training
13 n/a Sun Suzuki South Motorcycle Track School till 1:30pm

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Woman in Motorsport – Vicki Kemp

Teenage South African racing driver Vicki Kemp is set to race the Wesbank 2011 series in the Formula VW series starting this Saturday at Kyalami in Johannesburg. After a frustrating year of practical complications and a lack of sponsorship whilst racing in the Wesbank V8 Supercar series, Kemp has decided to focus her attention on a new class of racing.
The Formula VW car is a high performance single seater racing car that provides exciting racing and quick lap times. This series also claims the title as the fastest race …

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Drag Racing at Killarney

Street2Strip racing action will take place after the MSA Drags on Saturday from about 6pm till 10pm. S2S Entries will also be at the main gate on Saturday from 5pm till 7pm.

Raceweb.co.za Online Magazine will be hosting
the Street2Strip side of the event and will be
adding some interesting flavor to the evening.

Be seen, be heard, be famous!

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Richards Little Red Riding Hood

Well, being a VW fan it took some convincing to go another route, but i eventually ended up getting myself a sexy Peugeot 206 GTI 180. I chose the GTI 180 model because of the excellent performance, great handling and good looks. It’s also so much nicer than just a normal 206 GTI.

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How to Apply Car Window Decals‏

Get the best results when applying decals on your car’s windows by following tips from the expert-ME (just joking). Whether you are applying a small decal or a large window graphic, choose the right tools and the best weather conditions. Also take your time as it will assure effective decal application.
Difficulty: Moderately Easy
You will need the following:
* Decal(of course)
* A microfiber cloth
* Squeegee or credit card
* Knife
* Masking tape(if necessary)
1.      Apply the decal on a warm, dry day or in the garage.
2.      Clean the glass with mild soap and water. …

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St. Clare’s church of Assisi fundraiser event

Never in my life have I’ve seen so many people at a car show event. Personally, I think the whole Ocean View community came out to support the St. Clare’s church of Assisi fundraiser event that took place at the Ocean View High school on Saturday, 12 February 2011. Ocean View is a so- called “coloured” township, situated in the area of Noordhoek and Kommetjie. The fundraiser took in form of a “Show and Shine” and “Sound Off” event. The church approached Grant and …

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Free AutoModified Directory listings

If you haven’t yet noticed AutoModified has an online directory which has a total of 10 catergories.
Bodywork Repairs
Brakes & Suspension
Car Audio
Car Dealers
Exhausts Systems
Performance Upgrades
Spare Parts
Wheels & Tyres
Car Clubs
Within these 10 category listings we are only local business and car clubs.
AutoModified is one of the best modified car directories in South Africa.
Our listings are free of charge and all you have to do is fill out our application form and mail it back to us with a copy of your business/clubs logo.
Just to clear things up, these listings are FREE, only …

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SA Mod scene Vs the world

Just before we get into this I want to state that I am not putting our modification community down, I am purely asking a question.
As routine, I was browsing around the web looking at the type of calibre cars that we have in South Africa. This got me thinking, we have pretty much the exact same model cars and manufactures that of the USA and Europe, but yet we seldom see the type of modifying that they have in either the US or around Europe. I asked myself …

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Caption Contest Week4

Well done to last weeks winner Donovan “Im here to pick u up for our blind date”
The rules are very simple… Come up with a caption for the picture below by the following Wednesday. Three entries per reader max. Good luck! Simply enter by adding your caption into the comment box bellow.

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Team DB breakfast “Toy” Run‏

Saturday morning, 5th February, saw a bunch of petrol heads gathering at McDonalds, N1 City. No, they were not on their way to a drag or sound event. They were on their way to Red Cross Hospital to put a smile on a child’s face in the form of a “Breakfast Toy Run”. The “Run” was organized by Daniel and his mates of Team dB, with the main focus of collecting toys and handing them over to the kids of Red Cross Hospital. What great …

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Mazda Rx7 vs Kawasaki ZX10 Tandem Drift

To date this is one of the sickest drift tandems I have seen. This has definitely set the bar for most drifters. Let me explain what is going happen quickly. You are about to see two loony’s that will be doing a tandem drift on your screens. The one is piloting a Mazda Rx7 Series 3 and the other gentlemen is riding (yes, riding) a Kawasaki ZX 10. Lets just say you are about to be WOW’d
Let the video clip load fully before watching. While you are waiting for that …