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Nissan GTR pictures

Some amazing pictures of the Nissan Skyline GTR in a hanger, this time im going to let the pictures do the talking.

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Wheel Spraying Tutorial

This tutorial is a “basic how to” for spraying your rims. We all assume you know how to remove your wheels.
Decide which colour you are going to treat your ride too.
You will need :
- 2x Dupli Colour wheel spray
- 1x Primer in Spray
- 1x Waterproof Mask Tape
- 1 A4 Paper of Sandpaper 500
- 1 A4 Paper of Sandpaper 350
First step is clean the wheels once you have them off the car.
Simply wash with water or car shampoo. I used engine cleaner, but make 100% sure to remove all the …

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Otto Gravens Drifted back onto AutoModified

While keeping close tabs on one of South Africa’s pioneering drifters, we thought it would be great to catch up with Otto Graven again and see what Otto and his team at Monster Mob have been up to.

AM: In our last interview with you the question came about why you had changed from your R33 Skyline to a Nissan 350Z. We notice you have not just mastered the V6, but you decided to get rid of the Nissans V6 motor and replace it with a beefy V8 Corvette C5R motor. …

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MSA DRAGS and S2S at Killarney – 12 Feb 2010

Saturday 12th Feb – MSA Drag Racing & Street2Strip and Sunday 13th Feb – Streetcar Track Day

Our first MSA Drag event of the new year will take place at Killarney this coming Saturday. The oval side of the circuit will see mostly motorcycle racing for the day with the first 2011 Short Circuit Racing season opening round taking place there. This includes Supermotards, 125cc Gearbox Karts and much more.

Drag racing action will take place on the main straight from 9am till about 5pm. Entries will be accepted at the main gate caravan from 7.30am till 9.30am, MSA licence applications can be done with Paul Simon at the same time. The 2011 Club licence fee is R350 for the year, valid till the 31st December 2011.

Street2Strip action will take place after the MSA Drags on Saturday from about 6pm till 10pm (as per normal the S2S event will be four hours). Entries for this will also be at the main gate on Saturday from 5pm till 7pm, excluding the entry ticket the admin fee for S2S is the normal R20 per driver.

Admission for Saturday is R40pp from 8am till 4.30pm where the price will revert back to normal S2S prices of R30pp.

Sunday 13th February is another Streetcar Open Track Day and this event will run from 11am till 4pm. The briefing takes place at 11am sharp and all first timers to these events are required to be present at the briefing.

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Honda CRX Build thread

Of late I have taken a liking to Honda’s, more specifically the CRX and Civic VTec. I’ve been following a CRX on the HondaTech forum recently, he’s busy developing a RWD Honda CRX. Grant has taken his 2nd Gen CRX and opted to play with the Honda S2000 VTec motor, but it doesn’t stop there. Grant is planning on hanging a very juicy Turbo off the side of the F20C engine.
Check the Full Build thread here.
got a Build thread you want to share? Log onto our forum and post it …

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New versus Old

Earlier I came across a few pictures of the very first Subaru 360. Subaru has come a long way since the 360, you could even say that Subaru have even done a whole 360Degree on their vehicle design.

After having a look at where Subaru’s have evolved from I decided to see where my 1st car originated from. My 1st car was a Fiat Uno Fire 1100, at that time she was my pimp wagon.. I loved that car so much, unfortunately I don’t have any pictures.  Anyhow, back to the …

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Caption Contest Week 3

Well done to last weeks winner MIRV “Car for sale: Spares included”
The rules are very simple… Come up with a caption for the picture below by the following Wednesday. Three entries per reader max. Good luck! Simply enter by adding your caption into the comment box bellow.

What do you mean I am not allowed to sharpen my claws on this leather couch?

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Modified Bmw X6 – LUMMA Design

Before I start doing off about how much I like the Bmw X6 have a look at this Modified version of the X6.

BMW X6 kits from LUMMA start on the outside, with monstrous 23” wheels and a full widebody kit including a fat 5cm fender extension, front and rear bumper spoilers and side skirts. Carbon-fiber inserts here and there specifically to give the X6 a more sport look. An air ducted carbon hood is also included in the kit. The CLR X 650 kit is used to wrap over those …

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South African LeMans Car

So South Africa’s Bailey Cars is developing a Le Mans car. Bailey Cars better known for recreating classic racers like the Ford GT40, Porsche 917 and Ferrari P4 Bailey’s has tackled one of South Africa’s biggest motorsporting achievements.

Built to comply with the 2011 Le Mans LMP2 regulations, the Le Man car features a full carbon-fibre composite chassis and aerospace technology with materials produced in South Africa. That means not only is the car built and developed in SA, but all the parts have been built and produced by South African …

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Karenza @ ODI Raceway

Having matriculated at Garsfontein High School, Karenza, being brought up a petrolhead, started in this industry we all love on the karting track at the age of 9 years. As the (very few) years went by she graduated to stock street class in the national drag racing series whilst doing part time modeling. She has also contributed as a mascot for the SA vs UK tours for oval track for two consecutive years and has all through this time officiated at ODI Raceway, where she is now owner, promoter and …

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Caption Contest Week 2

Well done to last weeks winner Titch “What do you mean I am not allowed to sharpen my claws on this leather couch?”
The rules are very simple… Come up with a caption for the picture below by the following Wednesday. Three entries per reader max. Good luck!
Simply enter by adding your caption into the comment box bellow.