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Team DB‏

Team dB will be doing a “Breakfast Toy Run” on the 5th of Feb 2011 for the children of Redcross Hospital.All car clubs, please spare a few “Toys” for those kiddies that is very sick and lets brighten there day with a smile. The Volkedition car club & Toyfreaks will be making there way to show support for those kids in need. Team dB had the opportunity of a life time to be Interview by a News Editor from “Die Son” newspaper and we …

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Got the Monday Blues?

Its Monday and pay day has just come and gone.. You probably went out over the weekend and spend some of your hard earned cash on some new car bits too.  Great fun while it lasted, but back to the weekly grind stone.
If you like me are having a Blue Monday then here is something to help cheer you up.

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International Anniversary Historic Race Meeting

The first international Killarney meeting of the new year, during the weekend of February 5 and 6, is going to be another of those annual blasts from the past that remains the first choice of the guys from the “good ole days,” who remain rooted in the golden age of sports car racing. This before unsightly wings, ground effect roadholding and tyres with as much latex as a rubber plantation in Indonesia, arrived to dominate the scene.
When: 5 & 6th Feb (this weekend)
Where: Killarney …

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A few upcoming CT events

Team Autopunks are back with BANG with their weekly Night Sound competitions and Show and Shine events…

Weekly Night Sound Competitions: “Club Belazios & The Fast & Furious Nights…”

“We introduce our new night venue for our Sound-Offs, Club Balazio Night Club, Polaris Street on the same route to Club Atmosphere!! dB competition & fun is back on Friday the 4th from 7pm till late. The heat is on and the dBs up!!!!” – Grant, owner of Team Autopunks

See you there!!

Upcoming Show and Shine & Sound Off …

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Underground Racing – Fast Super Cars

So you’ve just bought a Super car, you drive it around for a week or too and realise your friend with the Lamborghini Gallardo is doing the same speed as your Lamborghini Murcielago. What do you do?
Well if you have a little bit of pocket money laying under your mattress you can ship your car to the States and make sure the guys from Underground Racing sort out your “little” problem.
Underground Racing is responsible for producing a 1500HP Lamborghini Gallardo. Can you imagine that.. A Lambo stock standard is already …

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Fast Five – Fast And Furious 5

Well well its official, the new “Fast and Furious” is about to be shown in the Movie houses.
Personally I felt that the F&F Movies never really had a story line, but you are always guaranteed to see some hot street cars and some lovely ladies!
The Fast Five features all the usual suspects, this time round including “The Rock”.
Here is the trailer to the new Fast and Furious sequel

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JDM vs Euro Style

The more I think about it, Japanese cars are starting to appeal to my style of car. I’m an avid VW and Audi Fan, but lately I’ve taken a liking to Subaru’s and most recently the Honda Vtec’s! I can’t seem to pin point my liking, but it definitely has to do with the body kits you can find online and the wide variety of Jap style wheels you can get for these cars. Just the other day I saw an Evo casually cruising down the street with a nice …

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Timour Hall Classic Carshow

Greetings, greetings, greetings! I’m wishing all AM readers, supporters and writers a blessed and prosperous 2011 and by the look of things it’s going to be a good one! It’s been a while since my last write-up,but I’m back to give you more exclusive coverage, updates of events happening in and around Cape Town, and some useful tips-car related of course! If things are going to plan, Cape Town should be having their first EMMA event in April, so stay glued to AM-a BIG thanks to “Yours Truly”, Barend. I …

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Caption Contest Week 1

This isn’t really a competition as we don’t have any prices to give away, but you can be labelled the Caption king/Queen for a week, lol
The rules are very simple… Come up with a caption for the picture below by the following Wednesday. Three entries per reader max. Good luck!
Simply enter by adding your caption into the comment box bellow.

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Engine swap

Barend has a tiny problem with his whip…
Recently he blew his engine and needs and Engine Swap. So if you are in the position to provide him with such a luxury you can drop him a mail at barends-engineswap@nomail.com
He really needs your help!!!!
What you need for an engine swap:
Step1: Find a picture of your car..
Step 2 Google engines
Step3: Photoshop the engine onto your car!!
Step4: Sit back and enjoy the good times

Please pay NO attention to this blog. it is purely to pull Barends chain! LOL

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The Ferrari inspired Cell phone

So we are in a new year and Christmas is just a distant memory. Never the less, you might be in luck, you might be due for a cell phone upgrade very soon. Come to think of it, Valentine’s Day is also very near… Play your cards right and your missus might surprise you with the new Ferrari GT Cell Phone.
Actually come to think of it, the chances of seeing one of these luxury phone in SA is very slim and owning one would be even more less likely.

Inspired by …