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Super garages for super cars

A While back Chris wrote an article that pretty much knocked my socks off! Due to the website going down the article some how was never backed up
So here I sit looking for the exact images that I remember seeing, luckily for me I found a lot of them!
You know what right, the owners of these houses have the right idea.. Why not keep your super car in a super garage. If you have the money for 2 or more exotics why not keep them in the …

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3 Most expensive super cars

The other day I came across something rather interesting.. Have you ever wondered what the most expensive super car in the world would be?
According to Forbes the top 3 most expensive super cars are not too exotic as one would think. We have all heard of them before, but hell they still are amazing super cars!
Koenigsegg Trevita

The Trevita cost a cool $2,1 Million USD (R16,009,004) not bad for a super car. There is a very valid reason the Koenigsegg Trevita goings for the price it does! Only three of the …

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Modified Opel Corsa B – Car Modification List

I wrote a blog a few years ago about a good friend of mine Angi and his Opel Corsa B.
Back when Angelo had 1st got his Corsa, it wasn’t very fast. So what did he do? Well, he went straight off to Cowley and organised a really decent free- flow system and branch! What a difference that made to his Corsa B! You don’t understand, the cars throttle response was good in its standard form, but once the exhaust system was completed, you could really hear those butterflies scream!
A few …

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Cape Town Gymkhana – Saturday 5 June

The 1st Cape GateGymkhana is going down on Saturday 5 June.
It will be taking place in the parking lot between the Dros Restaurant and the Virgin Active gym.
Pull through and watch the guys have a go at each others times!

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BMW unveils M3 Le Mans Art Car

BMW’s art cars have a racing history at LeMans dating back to the 1975 3.0 CSL. The company today unveiled its latest addition to the art car family — an GT2 class M3 designed by artist Jeff Koons. The car will compete at LeMans on June 12-13 which is in less than 2 weeks away .

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Battery Acid Ferrari Killer – Geigers tuned Corvette Z06

Here is a car that shits battery acid on a Ferrari while taking a piss on a Lamborghini LP640… No Im not on any form of medication!!
This here is the Corvette Z06 reworked by German tuners Geiger.
Who is Geiger your probably asking, well they are a German based tuning firm that takes furious beasts such as Mustangs, Hummers, Vipers, Camaros, and Corvettes and whipped them not just into shape.. No they crack a few whips and produce FUCKING fire breathing dragons!
You would almost thing this German tuning company has a …

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Track day memories – Killarney Action

I was browsing through a bunch of old albums on my laptop from “back in the day” and i came across some cool pics of the track days me and my mates took part in at Killarney on the weekends!
In all honesty participating in an open Track day is most probably the best bit of driving experience you could ever have (obviously excluding things you do with your significant other while driving)!
There is no doubt in my mind that the track days we attended always left us SMILING!
Here’s to memories!

The …

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Widebody Mercedes Benz SL-Class R230 – Prior Design

No need for words here, this car screams SEX… Ok and a few other things!
One thing for sure is this car is aimed towards people with loads of money to splash out on top of the range cars and still afford to have them modified to this caliber!
If you want to know how much the Kit costs you definitely shouldn’t be wanting one of these beauties…

For further information, contact: www.prior-design.de

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Mikes Conway lucky escape – Indy 500 Crash

Mike Conway will miss at least three months with back and leg injuries from his frightening crash in the Indianapolis 500 on Sunday
Conway had surgery Sunday night to repair fractures in his lower left leg. “He also has a soft tissue injury to his lower left leg and is anticipated to have another surgical procedure later this week,” an IRL statement said.
His back injury was a compression fracture of one of his thoracic vertebrae.
Hunter-Reay was scheduled to have surgery Monday on his left thumb and will be fitted with a …

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Regional Main Circuit Racing – Killarney 5 June

The renewal of the Execuline Classic Car battle between Martin Richards, at the wheel of the fastest Datsun in Africa, and a more sophisticated Porsche 911 RS driven by Keith Rose, is expected to be one of the highlights of Saturday’s main circuit meeting at Killarney.
Although these two won one each during their hard fought encounters last month, the Richards moustache was bristling at what he considered to be the lack of passing opportunities on the track.
Other potentially quick entries in this category include a pair of near identical rotary …

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Midweek eye candi – Ferrari Edition

Im sure a few of you guys have noticed we were offline for a while.. No we didn’t take a long holiday and forget about our loyal readers!!
So our apologise! While thinking of the best way to make it up to you guys it dawned upon us that whats not better than a sneaky bit of Eye Candi.

Well whats better than a couple of hotties standing around a couple of SEXY Italian engineered sports cars right?
Enjoy and here is to many many more amazing weeks of Midweek Eye …