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Spinning Rules – Spinning explained

29 June 2010 2 Comments

Spinning can be dangerous, but just like any other motorsports there are rules and regulations for a reason. Here you more information about how the rules and regulations work.

Spinning – using the engine’s power and revs to create a wheel spin and smoking tyres while the vehicle is in motion.
Tyre Bounce – spinning as near as possible to the tyre barriers without touching in a circular motion known as a doughnut
Doughnut – vehicle spins in a circular motion making a revolution with back wheels spinning while the front wheels completing a much smaller revolution.
Power Slide – spinning sideways along the perimeter of the spinning platform almost like a drifting motion.
Get-out stunt – driver of the vehicle gets out while the car is doing a doughnut or stand still burnout.
Kill Switch – electrical switch installed to cut power of car when needed.
Burnout – vehicle stands still while the back or front wheels, depending on the drive wheels, is spinning thus creating as much smoke as possible.
Figure eight – vehicle spinning with its rear wheels forming a figure 8 digit.
Snake – vehicle spins and swerves to the left or right while the back of the car is moving sideways in a 180 degree angle, the jerking to the opposite direction thus forming the “S” effect.
Target Slide – an obstacle is placed in the middle of the spinning area and the vehicle spins around that obstacle, while the front wheels completes a slow revolution around the obstacle and the rear of the vehicle completes bigger and faster revolution around the obstacle.
Tyre Popping – spinning until a tyre bursts with a loud noise.
Throttle jamming – deliberately jamming the throttle to keep constant high revs, using a throttle jamming device.

Point System and competition rules.
• Competitors will be asked to complete a sequence of under mentioned maneuvers.
• The value of each maneuver is five points.
• One extra point will be awarded for completing the sequence in the order it was set out by the judges.
• Drivers will therefore be allowed to complete the sequence without a bonus point, if it was not done according to order.
• Points will be deducted for every mistake the competitor make.
• One practice round and two qualifying rounds will be allowed.
• Each driver has to complete two qualifying rounds for the judges to score.
• Failure to comply with competition rules may result in penalization or disqualification.
• The points of the best qualifying round will be considered for progression to next round.
• In the event of two or more competitors ending with the same amount of points, a “Sudden Death” segment will be implemented. One of the prescribed maneuvers will be chosen by the judges for this segment.
• In the case of a vehicle breakdown, a competitor will be allowed to complete the competition with a different vehicle the competition was entered with, providing the alternate vehicle was registered before hand as a substitute vehicle.
• Competitors will be allowed to request interchanging of the order of “call out” positions. The clerk of the course will have the right to do so on merit.
Any breakages on vehicles, occurred within the competition, a leniency period of one hour for
repairs will be allowed. This leniency period will only be allowed for the first half of the duration
of the event.
• Any breakages occurred after this period will result in immediate disqualification.
• A competitor will be allowed to forfeit at any given time of the competition.

Rear wheel drive
4 cylinders
6 cylinders
8 cylinders

Front wheel drive
4 cylinders

*The nearer to the tyre barriers a doughnut can be made the more points can be awarded, in other words the nearer the back bumper of the spinning vehicle passes the tyre barriers without touching the more points is awarded. At least 3 tyre bounces is required.


* Points are awarded for the amounts of smoke that is created the lower the revs the higher the points.

Burnout Pop
* In the event of popping a tyre while in a burnout extra points is awarded according to the noise level of popping tyre.

Power slide
* the longer the vehicle is kept at an angle and the degree of the angle the more points is awarded
* Points are also awarded for the amount of revolutions completed in the power slide.
* Points are also awarded for the amount of smoke created.

Target Slide

*the closer the front of the vehicle is kept to the target without touching.
* Amount of revolution is completed around the target
* Amount of smoke created points is rewarded

Get-out stunts
* Timing, style,origenalety,difficulty and doughnut revolutions, amount of smoke created and crowd response will be considered for point awarding.

Doughnuts figure 8 & snake
* Points awarded in difficulty of stunt.
* Time taken while stunt is performed
* Crowd response on each category will also be considered for awarding points
* Five points per category is awarded
* Points is deducted for touching barriers or obstacles
* Competitor with the highest points at the end of the day will be the winner
* Second and third place will be judged according to points

In the event of two competitors ending with the same points, a “sudden death” segment will be added.
We got the opportunity to do an interview with spinning enthuaist and event organiser Mudz
You can read the interview here Interview with Mudinie Hassim – Spinning enthusiast


  • jomacher said:

    Great explanation. In a normal start to finish race you can see who the winner is or will be. In spinning and drifitng the spectators are left in suspence while the judges give their opinion on a point system. However, it is important to know these points as it gives the spectator a personal judging platform and makes the sport more interesting. Great blog.


  • Ja said:

    Great bit of info here.


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