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Stretched wheels – Whats the story?

17 November 2010 2 Comments

We’ve all seen it before but a lot of us don’t really understand what stretched wheels are or how to get a set on our cars. Well we have the answers for you. Its really not that hard to understand in the 1st place.
So lets get into this!

What the F%$K is stretched?
“stretch” refers to stretching a narrower tire over a wider wheel, the sidewalls stretch from the lip to the tread

Why would you stretch  your tyres?
Well the whole thing started in Germany/Belgium, local laws required that the tyre tread be within the fender line. Well that doesnt allow one to run wider or lower offset wheels, so they put narrower tires on the wheel to maintain legality

When you would like to run really wide or low offset wheels and keep the tyre tread at the fender

Another reason is so that you can go really low and not rub on your dub.

How safe is this?
There hasn’t been any solid evidence that running a stretched tyre is any more dangerous than a regular tyre, so for now your in the safe zone so to speak.. but don’t quote us on that!

Where can I get tyres stretched?
Any reputable wheel/tyre shop should be able to do it.

what tires stretch best?
The best tires with regards to stretch are mostly the premium brands

im sure there are more, but look for a tyre with a rounded shoulder and a lip protector, they tend to give the “desirable” look

Should I be
worried about curbing a wheel?

well obviously don’t go around looking for pavements to test it out on, treat them like any other pair of wheels you own… STAY the hell away from the pavement!!!

And that ladies and gents concludes today’s lesson on stretched rubber


  • Kifazoid said:

    ya seen this big in europe looks good on a 13″ with very low car but our roads i think not a good idea lol


  • Dsniel said:


    Does any one know where i can get this done in JHB?


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