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[13 Aug 2010 | 12 Comments | ]
Stealth Punisher

We have been friends with Andrew for a while now and he recently updated his soundsystem Big Time ! This ride is definately worth a feature in Speed and Sound. Check it out here !

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[11 Aug 2010 | 9 Comments | ]
Opel Corsa transforms into the Kifonator

The Kifanator is in the house ladies and gentle men. Keith aka Kifazoid sent us a few pictures of his sexi looking Corsa yesterday after we asked him if we could do a bit of a feature on his car. He has recently just finished doing some modifications to the Opel Corsa.
A lot of the modifications that have been done to Kifonator were actually done by Keith himself, now if you ask me that’s pretty impressive!
Here are a couple of the pics he sent us, the rest can be found …

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[19 Jul 2010 | 4 Comments | ]
Camouflage cars

Shoo, have you guys noticed how camouflage is working its way into a lot of overseas cars, I drove past a Audi S3 this afternoon and oh my word I wish I could have made a U-turn to chase the guy down to ask him about the camo job. So we went online and found a few camouflaged cars that we liked.

Watch this space for a how to camo article

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[9 Jul 2010 | 3 Comments | ]
Type VIII forged alloy wheel – AC Schnitzer

The new generation of AC Schnitzer wheel was specially designed for the more sporting BMW models and apparently fundamental contradiction. These wheels went under some heavy weight reduction and still have the same unchanged wheel diameter and width.
This trick has been pulled off by the AC Schnitzer engineers and designers in partnership with legendary wheel manufacturer “FUCHS“. The results are these two wheels:
8.5J x 19″ – weight: 8.3 kg
9.5J x 19″ – weight: 9.5 kg
Which, in comparison with their standard BMW counterparts (e.g. Performance Twin Spoke 269), give a weight …

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[1 Jul 2010 | 4 Comments | ]
Ferrari F430 – Jetfighter mode

If you think that the Ferrari F430 isn’t spicy or powerful enough for your taste, then you may want to take a look at this tuning package from a Russian tuning firm, Status Design.

Russian tuners from Status Design have released a tuning program for the Ferrari F430 that was named after a Russian jet fighter, SD SU35. It features both styling and performance upgrades. The Status Design Ferrari F430 features a new aerodynamics package which includes a new front bumper with an integrated carbon fiber lip, a rear …