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[27 Jan 2011 | 2 Comments | ]
Fast Five – Fast And Furious 5

Well well its official, the new “Fast and Furious” is about to be shown in the Movie houses.
Personally I felt that the F&F Movies never really had a story line, but you are always guaranteed to see some hot street cars and some lovely ladies!
The Fast Five features all the usual suspects, this time round including “The Rock”.
Here is the trailer to the new Fast and Furious sequel

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[24 Jan 2011 | No Comment | ]
The Ferrari inspired Cell phone

So we are in a new year and Christmas is just a distant memory. Never the less, you might be in luck, you might be due for a cell phone upgrade very soon. Come to think of it, Valentine’s Day is also very near… Play your cards right and your missus might surprise you with the new Ferrari GT Cell Phone.
Actually come to think of it, the chances of seeing one of these luxury phone in SA is very slim and owning one would be even more less likely.

Inspired by …

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[7 Jan 2011 | No Comment | ]
Welcome back and Happy 2011

Wishing a happy and prosperous year to all our readers, writers, friends and family. We welcome you back to an exciting new chapter of AutoModified.
Last year was AutoModifieds 1st full year back online, we came across a good few challenges but we are happy to still be here. This year we will be concentrating on getting the forum up to full speed, we also mentioned last year that we would be launching the AutoModified online store in January. Well the store is almost done but unfortunately due to a few …

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[14 Dec 2010 | One Comment | ]
3M Di Noc Carbon Fibre – Know your Product!

I thought it would be advantageous to do a quick write up with some source material on the 3M DI-NOC Carbon Fibre Vinyl, so here goes.
It seems there is some controversy around all the different products that are available on the market these days, and I figured before you go and buy just anything, being told that it is the real deal, I would ‘Enlighten’ you a little about THE REAL DEAL Carbon Fibre.
First and Foremost, the 3M DI-NOC Range has a BIG 3M Logo Printed on the backing paper, …

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[8 Dec 2010 | No Comment | ]
Alfa Romeo Giulietta – Old VS New

I was at the Alfa showroom in Kuilsriver the other day to check out the new Alfa Romeo Giulietta before the official launch party. They had an original group 1 Giulietta with 84000km of original mileage on the floor! Here are a couple pics I took.

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[7 Dec 2010 | One Comment | ]
Polo GTI with H&R setup

As you all have probably seen the new Volkswagen Polo was release here in South Africa a good few months back, but something which I am still waiting upon is the very sporty Polo GTI. This is one of the latest cars to be played with by the famous suspension experts, H&R. Using their specially developed setup on this Volkswagen sports hatchback, H&R were able to improve the handling and driving characteristics. From the factory, the VW Polo GTI comes with 134kw and a 7-gear double clutch transmission; however the …

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[2 Dec 2010 | No Comment | ]
”Show and Shine” events – Cape Town

Event 1
Team Autopunks, a name that you will hear alot in future is one of the biggest car clubs in the “windy city” of Cape Town. They sure know how to keep the petrol heads busy over any given weekend. This Saturday, 4th December is going to be another busy weekend for Grant and his team!
They will be hosting a fundraiser event in the form of a “Show and Shine” and “Sound Off” competition. This will take place at Rocklands High School in Mitchells Plain, corner of Eislieben and Cedars …

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[26 Nov 2010 | One Comment | ]
From a judge’s point of view

Admit it; your car is your “Pride and Joy”. If you have spent all your money or savings on your car to make it a showpiece, make sure that you PLEASE the JUDGES! It does not matter how much money you have spent on a body kit, wheels, interior, sound or even on the engine, it is about how it all fits together, “From a judge’s point of view”. Here are SOME tips to help you score that extra points at “Show and Shine” …