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[13 Dec 2010 | 11 Comments | ]
A reason to use Polyurethane bushes

We all know what it’s like to suffer from sore joints (some more than others). Even if you are the fittest of bunch, you are bound to feel your joint pain once in a while. Your vehicle joints work the same. The bushings found on the control arms and various mounts are like the cartilage between your joints. The manufacturer normally equips a vehicle with rubber bushes, which provide a soft ride. Over time the rubbers begins to wear from oil with the help of other elements. That’s when the …

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[17 Nov 2010 | No Comment | ]
AutoModified Forum Trader Application

Interested in becoming an official trader on the AutoModified forum?
Help us help the car modification industry, this is a chance for you company to get free exposure with an interactive crowd of petrol heads.
Please send an e-mail to automodified{at}live.com titled Trader Application and please include the details below:
1: Your company name
2: The nature of your business (what do you sell?)
3: Your website address
4: Your business address
5: How many years have you been trading?
We will review this information and get back to you as soon as possible.
Many thanks
AutoModified Team

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[4 Nov 2010 | One Comment | ]
Stainless Steel Valves – AM Query

So we had KOOT drop us message via our contacts form yesterday and he wanted to know where he could get Stainless Steel Valves for his Mazda 2L 16V.

We made a few calls and found out that KOOT needed to contact:
Louis Lima 082 319 3904 (JHB)
Brian Maunder 082 653 2939 (Cape Town)
Brian actually runs his workshop from the Killarney racing complex funnily enough.
We hope advice has pointed you in the right direction bud. If you are not to sure about a specific mod or need some advice about your car …

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[23 Oct 2010 | 5 Comments | ]
AutoModifed readers Feature Your Ride

Hi guys, we hope you are all well. We have just added a new section to the AutoModified where you, the readers, can show off your own rides. It’s very easy to have your vehicle featured on the AutoModified website. All you have to do is click on the “Feature your ride” banner which will take you to the “Upload ride” page.  Upload 5 pictures of your ride. Front ,side, rear, engine bay and the interior.  Next fill out the upload form with all the necessary information and include the …

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[1 Jul 2010 | 9 Comments | ]
Induction kit components – Cone filter setup

Induction kits seem to be the 1st thing guys start with when modifying their car’s engine. It is also the cheapest of engine modification and the induction kit gives your engine a more of a “grunt” sound when accelerating hard.
Of late, we have noticed the increase in inquiries about cone filter applications and cold air inductions setups. For that exact reason we have dedicated this article to the induction kit components.
1st you need to ask yourself why you want to change your air intake setup?
There are many reasons people change …

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[17 Jun 2010 | 3 Comments | ]
Gas Flowed Heads  – Performance modification

Many things go on in the head of your cars engine. Mainly the air coming into the engine flows through the head and into the cylinders via the open inlet valves and is expelled through the exhaust outlet. The air moving into an engine is traveling at such high speeds and any turbulence caused can substantially alter the flow of the air thus making your engine less responsive.
Think of it like this, the better the aerodynamics on a car the faster it goes and the less drag it creates right …

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[12 Jun 2010 | 23 Comments | ]
Performance Camshafts explained  – Modifying your car

Before we get into the whole Performance camshaft story, it is important to understand how your camshaft works and its purpose.
What is the camshaft? What does it do? And, how can it be modified? It is really simple when thinking about it logically!
The camshaft is located at the top of the engine and looks like a metal bar with egg shaped lobes on it.  The shape and size of the lobe determines the amount of time that the head valves are open and how much they are open. The lobes push …