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Wheel Spraying Tutorial

12 February 2011 No Comment

This tutorial is a “basic how to” for spraying your rims. We all assume you know how to remove your wheels.
Decide which colour you are going to treat your ride too.

You will need :
- 2x Dupli Colour wheel spray
- 1x Primer in Spray
- 1x Waterproof Mask Tape
- 1 A4 Paper of Sandpaper 500
- 1 A4 Paper of Sandpaper 350

First step is clean the wheels once you have them off the car.
Simply wash with water or car shampoo. I used engine cleaner, but make 100% sure to remove all the engine cleaner once finished cleaning your wheels.

Dry down your wheels with an old rag.

Now that your wheels are all clean and dry mark up where you don’t want to spray with the waterproof masking tape. Please make sure that you mask up the wheels properly and that paint cant drip down any further onto bits of the wheel you don’t want painted..

If you want to paint the whole rim, then simply mask just the tire.

Now, get the 500 Sandpaper, and start sanding the wheel.
You want to remove any scratches or other un-smooth surfaces.
Sand enough where needed.

Whip the wheels down with a damp cloth to get rid of all the sandpaper buildup and dry down the wheels again.
Now spray the primer over the unmarked areas of the wheel, make sure to give a nice even coating.
You want to cover the whole rim with Primer.

NB: Primer is very important as it will help prolong your wheels new colour and while prevent your wheels from stripping.
Primer is thick, apply 2-3 coats where needed
Leave about 10 minutes between coats.

Once you have applied your primer coats and let the primer dry, you now need to re-sand down the wheel with your 300 sand paper.
At this point your wheel should start to feel very smooth.

Lets put some paint on these wheels!
Again whip down with a damp rag/cloth and make 100% sure the wheels are dry.
Make sure to shake your can of paint well, apply first coat of paint to your wheels.
You only need to apply 2 coats on each wheel. Leave a 15 minute gap before applying the second coat.

Once you have sprayed up all your wheels and left them to dry, you need to apply the Lacquer. The Lacquer is basically to protect the wheels against the elements and give a glossy finish.
Apply the 2 coats, leaving each coat enough time to dry.

Once you have sprayed the clear lacquer and left them to dry you can remove the masking tape..
Job well done.
I suggest doing this job over the weekend wher you can leave the wheels to dry properaly for 24hours.

Put your newly resprayed wheels back onto your pride and joy and enjoy the results.

If you need any help or have any questions, I’d be more than happy to answer your email at automodified@live.com. Send us pics of your custom wheel job so we can show off your work to the other readers

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