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Woman in Motorsport – MSA Streetcar Competitors

20 April 2011 2 Comments

NEEDED: MSA Streetcar Competitors

Ok, so here’s the deal – As some of you might know, I’m a regular at Street2Strip events at Killarney for more than a year now (aka IB6UB9 – white turbo’d Mk2 Golf).

I became curious about what exactly MSA events was about and had a ton of questions, like:

- What this “Bracket Racing” was all about?

- And how does their point system (Championship) thing work?

- The costs involved, etc.

Nobody could really explain the details regarding Bracket Racing and from what I’ve heard you need to be consistent with your times to be able to do this.. which is EXACTLY what I’m not. (*blushing*)

This year I’ve decided to join MSA and find out for myself. My first attempt at Bracket Racing didn’t go all that well, but I had plenty of “normal” runs throughout the day. I even received a trophy for being the 2nd fastest in my Class. So, the 16th of April I was excited to give it another go and went home with FOUR TROPHIES and a new Personal Best time of 14.2 seconds : )

Winning the trophies was AWESOME, but with very few competitors, it wasn’t really challenging.

Now, I’m not trying to convince anyone that MSA events are better than Street2Strip, coz I personally feel that you can’t compare the two. What I can say is that I had loads of fun with the Bracket Racing competition and needless to say, receiving trophies afterwards just makes it so much more exciting. ;)

Rumor has it that the organizers are even willing to put up some PRIZE MONEY FOR EACH EVENT (for example a R1000 for 1st place; R500 for 2nd place and so on), ONLY if there’s enough competitors.

Bracket Racing – it’s anybody’s game!
So if you or any of the other Street2Strip guys are interested and have any questions, you’re welcome to send me an email.

ps: The cost of a MSA license for the YEAR is R350. This could possibly be reduced if the majority feels it’s a bit expensive, BUT… then you won’t be eligible to win any trophies or prize money. And what’s fun about that!

Next event: NATIONALS 21 May 2011

See ya on da track!

MSA Drag Racing 16-04-2011:
Competition Eliminator – 2nd place
Streetcar Eliminator – 3rd place
A-Class - 2nd place
Another for “Rookie/Newbie of the day” :)



Facebook Video Clips:



Oh, and did I mention that results will be available for each event, for you to analyse and compare :)


  • Michael said:

    Hey there
    I was at the last street2strip event when on Sunday at Killarney I think you ran your fastest time ever at the event. Good to see you kept on trying. Its really nice to see that’s you so enthusiastic about racing, all your posts that I have read. I will be joining you again on Tuesday for the womans day at Killarney again and this time I think its going to be a lot more fun. I’m really love my street racing an am hoping to work my way into it in the future. I have advertised everywhere on my Facebook about the womans day event and will be bring my cousin and my niece thru with me. Hope I could meet you on the day and check out your ride. Anyways if you would like you may add me on Facebook Michael da Silva I have a
    Silhouette image of me with the sun in the backround anyways what will you be taking part in during the course of the day


    Ms Hoon Reply:


    Thats right yes, I have done my personal best at Sunday’s event, managing to finally get into the 13′s \(o0,)/ Its great getting a nice message like this, thank you ;)

    Yeah, you should definitely come introduce yourself next time. I’m planning on going to the Woman’s Day thingy, however I doubt I should be putting my car on the track though. If I do, I’ll most likely have to take it easy.. maybe just show my sister’s kid what its like going around the track.

    I use to do track days until the unfortunate day when it dropped a valve. I used performance discs and brake pads at the time but had to replace them a while ago and since I’m not doing track days anymore, I settled for standard discs and pads. Which is why I’ll have to take it easy on the track because based on past experiences, a new set of standard brake pads couldn’t even last for two sessions of 15min each. I was driving metal on metal all the way home that day, using the handbrake instead of the brakes where possible, lol.

    But ja, I have definitely been craving that thrill of going around the track again, otherwise ima opt in for a passenger ride with one of the pro’s.

    So come say hi so I can convince you to join us on the strip sometime :)

    Thanks again for the support.

    See ya at the track.



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